Thursday, May 21, 2015

‘Feel The Beat’ - Women’s Heart Health Takes Center Stage At Mall Of Emirates & City Center

A Women's HEART is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Isn't it time we take care of this prized heart?

Every weekend until June 12th, medical specialists from the Ministry of Health and City Centre Clinic will visit all Majid Al Futtaim shopping malls across the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon and Oman, administering a series of preventative tests for all females, to raise awareness for the risks of heart disease.

Stress, lack of physical activity, tobacco use, and weight & nutrition problems are the top lifestyle risk factors of the Middle Eastern workforce, according to a Middle East Healthcare Survey by Towers WatsonAll of these factors lead to cardiovascular diseases, causing 45% of early deaths in the Gulf region, cardiovascular diseases do not spare women despite the common beliefs that this concerns more men. Each year, more than 17.5 million people die from cardiovascular disease (CVD), of which 8.6 million are women. Globally, one-third of all women are living with heart disease - this is more than the total number of females who die from all cancers, tuberculosis, HIV-AIDS and malaria combined.

 Majid Al Futtaim calls upon all to join in raising awareness on the risk of CVD amongst women. Mall of the Emirates, a leading lifestyle destination, furthered its commitment to supporting community health and welfare by screening more than 450 women for cardiovascular diseases at Mall of the Emirates.  Done in partnership with the Ministry of Health and City Centre Clinic, the heart health testing over the weekend was the launch of Majid Al Futtaim’s regional month-long ‘Feel the Beat’ campaign.

Checks included blood pressure, blood sugar and body mass index (BMI) to determine if the participating women were at risk for heart disease.

With the objective to empower women to take control of their heart health through early detection and preventative measures, ‘Feel the Beat’ is part of Majid Al Futtaim’s wider programme of health and sustainability initiatives taking place throughout the year ensuring health, happiness and creating great moments for everyone, everyday.

Participating malls throughout the campaign in the UAE are: Mall of the Emirates; City Centre Mirdif; City Centre Deira; City Centre Ajman; City Centre Fujairah; My City Centre, Nasseriya and City Centre Sharjah.  Shoppers can also participate in screening locations at City Centre Bahrain; City Centre Muscat and City Centre Qurum in Oman, City Centre Alexandria and City Centre Maadi in Egypt, and City Centre Beirut in Lebanon.  

Russia in Dubai- At Taste of WAFI through the Yarmarka a la Russ

Traditional Soviet era life explored through a vivid spectrum of food, music, literature and crafts

Buzzingtales was invited to enjoy Yarmarka a La Russ at WAFI where Russian talents, cuisine, fashion, music, books, and art come together to recreate the vibrant Russian culture at here in Dubai.

The sights, sounds, smells and taste of traditional Russia come alive at WAFI Mall this May as the Yarmarka a la Russ recreates times gone by in a celebration of Russian flair on the last three Saturdays of May 2015 – falling on the 16th, 23rd and 30th of the month. 

Yarmarka a la Russ captures the essence of a Russian fair, and recreates scenes from the Soviet era. At the same time, it ensures audiences can partake of authentic cuisines and artisanal wares in a family-friendly environment brought to life through authentic looking backdrops, roving musicians and Russian folk dances. 
The scene will be set with a giant balloon arch in red, white and blue evoking the Russian flag. The iconic Red Square – home to a historic yarmarka - will be recreated via backdrops of flagship buildings including the former State Duma – now the Historical Museum – and the GUM Trading house.

As the old Soviet Union is brought to breathtaking life, Lenin and Stalin will be making surprise visits to the Yarmarka a la Russ as accomplished impersonators delight the crowds. Those looking for a perfect social media snap can take selfies while hanging out with a cutout of current Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“WAFI Mall is proud of its reputation as a place that offers experiences and not just retail. Themed events such as the Yarmarka a la Russ at Taste of WAFI are a massive attraction for audiences, and enable our shoppers to explore a bit of history and culture in an extremely fun setting. The Yarmarka – or traditional Russian fair - will capture the flair of the old Soviet Union in a way that offers entertainment for the entire family,” said Layla Al Harmoudi, Head of WAFI Central Marketing Department.  

Local food vendors will set up their wares, offering free tastings and a menu of purchasable items. And in homage to a quintessential Russian export, Matreshka dolls will be available as souvenirs. Space will be also be dedicated to Russian books and translations.

For the younger visitors to WAFI’s Yarmarka a la Russ, a themed arts and crafts area will offer colouring activities, Matreshka doll painting, accessory crafting, bag colouring and bead making fun.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Gardens By Design- Ashleigh Manley

                                         AN RENDEZVOUS WITH ASHLEIGH MANLEY

Movenpick Hotels & Apartment BurDubai is currently hosting the art exhibition Gardens by Design, by renowned Australian artist,  Ashleigh Manley, for the 4th time from 1st May- 24th May 2015. The art works displayed in the 1st floor of MovenPick have been conceptualized and inspired by the Middle Eastern as well as Australian gardens.

The exhibits are a feast for the senses with vivid and contrasting color themes, depicting the vibrant Australian outback in some and the subtle ambiance of desert in others.

In his career spanning over 40 years Ashleigh has won numerous awards. He has exhibited in over 50 locations in Australia as well as worldwide, including Dubai. Encountering some one of such stellar experience and caliber is awe inspiring. However the Artist instantly put us at ease with his cheerful childlike demeanor. On being asked about why he paints abstract, Ashleigh stated that abstract elements enable people to look at things more carefully, and takes their thought process to different levels. On being asked about how he likes Dubai, Ashleigh said, he has been here 5 times and each time has been special. “It’s an honor to be at Movenpick.”

Robert Barker, GM of Movenpick Hotels and Apartments BurDubai , stated that “It’s our  pleasure to welcome Ashleigh back to the hotel.” He further reiterated that the artist’s new spring collection will infuse new vibe to the hotel. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

MovenPick- Rediscover The Art Of Brunch & Enjoy The Garden Of Design Exhibition

 Buzzingtales was invited to Mövenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai in Oud Mehta for Friday Brunch on 1st May. What got our antennas all pricked up was that it was coupled with an invite for the art exhibition of Ashleigh Manley. This was the 4th art exhibition of its kind to be hosted by Movenpick from 1st until 24th May. Obviously we were looking forward to this promise of tantalizing our senses.

Conjuring up delectable, alluring delicacies is indeed a fine art and the buffet hall of MovenPick made that amply clear. Smiling, attentive and pleasant service staff in adorable “Artist” apron made it was obvious that the art of servicing too had been perfected by Movenpick. 

The range of cuisine seemed endless for us. From Street Food, Oriental, Japanese, Indian, Continental to Italian, you name it and it was there. We were absolutely spoilt for choice. When it came to dessert we were quiet baffled not just by the range but also the décor & craft of food making. Nothing had prepared us for this treat. Chef De Cusiner, Sandeep Thakur, made an unforgettable presentation of incredible goodness of Indian cuisine trapped in a cute little Dabba (tiffin) for us.

The vibrant live music at PopArt added to the lively atmosphere. Did I mention the dedicated activity and entertainment zone exclusively for kids? Yes, you can relax as your kids get to be themselves. If you are an ice-cream lover, hold your breath!! Movenpick completely won me over by their killer range of ice-creams and toppings.

We were wholly enticed by the inviting ambience, warm hospitality, premium service, and an unbelievable range of scrumptious spread.

Marketing & Communications Manager, Mohamad Negro, toured us through the artistic displays. The art works displayed reflected the spirit of Dubai magnificently. The paintings were indeed master pieces but what made them unique was that they were based on photographs of Dubai taken by Movenpick General Manager’s daughter. Through this bit of information we had un-earthened the fact that solid creative impulsive and conviction flows from the top and seeps down as persistent value.    

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fun, Food & Fashion Works Their Magic:Taste of WAFI, Dubai

This summer is set to be even more sizzling with the Taste of WAFI whipping up a magical ensemble of tastes and aroma. The festival kicks off at Wafi Mall on Saturday April 18th 2015 and ensures every Saturday till 18th June is a foodies fantasy land. 

Buzzingtales would like to make a special mention of Legendee Cafe from Vietnam by Trung Nguyen, which is a speciality organic coffee. To know more of about their unique form of coffee (which comes from weasel and has been presented to many famous people) watch the video below.

Wafi’s famous food bazaar and celebration of culinary culture hits the Mall’s Colonnade area later this month. Every Saturday between 10 am to 7 am will see the wafting smells of international cuisines mingling with a wide selection of sweet and savoury treats. The food bazaar will also feature locally produced foods made from only the finest ingredients, ranging from gorgeous cakes and sumptuous biscuits to fresh organic produce.

Food isn’t the only attraction at Taste of Wafi. Sought after authentic fashion items, accessories and beauty products attract crowds of discerning fashionistas, while well-known food and fashion bloggers mingle as they discover Dubai’s hottest trends. The little ones benefit from planned activities and a dedicated kids’ entertainment area.

In 2014, the Taste of WAFI exposition of fine food saw sixty-five outlets sell their wares – among them several online Emirati bakeries offering homemade goods. This year, the lineup has expanded, with local produce rubbing shoulders with fine food from the world over.

“WAFI Mall isn’t just a shopping destination but a place to experience new tastes, sounds and ambiences. Taste of WAFI is a popular annual event that has become an essential part of the local culinary calendar. Its success comes from being able to mix fine food with entertainment, events and a bit of glamour and style. The fact that it’s incredibly family friendly, and helps local producers and food entrepreneurs approach a wider audience, makes it special,” Layla Al Harmoudi, Head of WAFI Central Marketing Department. 

The 3rd edition of the Taste of WAFI kicks off a busy schedule of socialising entertainment and events, with fine food the highlight of the programme. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Interview with Hesham Malik - Celebrating the "Esparito"( Spirit)


Buzzingtales caught up with the extremely grounded Hesham Malik (An Artist) who is soon to paint live with Bollywood actor Hritik Roshanfor a charity auction event at Sotheby’s Auction House, Dubai. Though this interview you get a glimpse of his iron will to overcome personal adversities, by battling it with hope & the joy of giving. Read On!!

Hi Mr Hesham Malik,
Thanks for taking time to chat up with us. It was wonderful seeing you paint with the children at Rashid Pediatric Center. Have you been associated with such initiatives earlier?

I used to paint with children with blurred vision in Canada. As an artist I used to paint with senior citizens. However in Dubai this is my first opportunity, but I am hopeful that in the future I get more such fulfilling opportunities through organizations line Senses & Al Noor.

What drives you to work with senior citizen and special needs children?

Normally when we paint we can see color. But what these children experience is complete ecstasy and thrill. The excitement they feel is infectious. It really touches the heart. The happiness on their face is the most cherished gift.
Being epileptic myself I somehow connected with their world; I feel at ease with them. As a child it was difficult for me to sit in class, be with other children or even to study. But I feel drawn to these children and I am completely comfortable among them. More than anything it is fun to paint with the kids.

How did you come to paint abstract?

Every artist should have their own unique style and approach to painting. I was unable to find my style although I had started painting as a young boy.
Once while I was painting outside I suffered a seizure and fell on my canvas. That produced a different combination of abstract entities and figures. After this episode I started deliberately painting abstract. That is how Hesaham’s style developed.

Your new collection that is part of charity auction is called “Esparito”. What does it mean?

Esparito is a Spanish word and literally means spirit. The word appeals to me for the simple reason that it has an artistic ring to it. I believe that our spirits are all connected to each other. When the spirits speak we listen. My spirit speaks though my paintings. Children are reflection of pure spirit of divinity. Through their unconditional affection and purity I create imagery on to the canvas. I get a rare chance to witness their pristine spirits. The collection is a positive. Hope all will enjoy it.

What advice would you like to give to aspiring young artists?
I tell young people there is a lot to learn and absorb before you can paint. I have travelled widely, interacted and even lived with people of different culture. Unlike English and Math a lot of art also comes from within i.e. when we give it a free leash. One should add their own element. I personally like to add different texture so that there is disturbance and people are driven to interact. Sameness in an artwork is boring. Learning and experimenting are key ingredients. It’s a never ending process.

My Passion fuelled my painting. There is nothing I want to do or can do other than paint. I wanted to take my art to places. People may like my art but I value critical, comments a lot. It helps me grow as an artist. It challenges an artist and bring out the best.
How do you envision your future?

I would like to take my art to different places and people and not stick to museums and galleries. I like the sense of being part of community. There is nothing else in the world I want to do other than painting. But I want my art to penetrate the market. I am ready to take risks, learn and grow, and even fail that is what makes the path to progress a fun experience. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dine n Deed- SNF Gala Dinner with Sunidhi Chauhan

Life is far from being fair. It’s ridden with risks at every step. We never can take things for granted. Even the most natural event of having a child can jolt life in unimaginable for some. That was what Safia Bari the Director of SNF faced when her second child was diagnosed as a special needs child. While staring at the  enormity of the situation some of us break, some of us deal with it and get on with life - only a few take it as an opportunity to not just sort out their individual challenges but also those of the community at large. Thus SNF Development Center, located in Karama was born as a sanctuary for children and young adults with special needs.
The Center aspires to provide holistic development and learning so that these children and young adults become self-reliant and contributing members of the community. Integrating them into the main stream is not without its challenges, but SNF has achieved many milestones.

 Apart from support from the Special needs individuals’ family and expert staff, the center also has a special Gym, Vocational Unit, Art and Craft Unit, Daily Skills Development Unit etc.
SNF has been raising funds by selling the paintings and craft items made by the students at the annual SNF Fun Bazaar. SNF has been getting steady support from organizations and individuals. In 2007,  Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam inaugurated the centre graciously and was the guest of honor at SNF’s first fundraising dinner. In 2013 & 2014, the Deed n Dine event, where Art Auction of painting by the SNF students and many renounced artist from UAE, India & Pakistan followed by a Gala Dinner were enormously successful events.
 On Friday 1st May 2015 SNF Development Center is to hosting its 3rd Gala Dinner – Dine n Deed at Le Meridian, Airport Road. The event will be attended by Bollywood playback singer, Sunidhi Chauhan. There will also be performances by the students of SNF Development Center and UAE Troupe of King of contemporary Dance in India Shiamak Davar. Buzzingtales is mighty pleased to be part of this event and glad that one of the paintings donated will raise some funds and bring some joy into the life’s of the Special Children.

Fight the ugly social stigmas.
Little tokens of appreciation being prepared by our students for the attendees of Dine n Deed 2015

Be Infected- Invasion Of Street Culture @ StreeCon, Al Ghurair,Dubai

StreetCon invades Dubai yet again and transforms Al Ghurair into one of the hippest places in the city. Starting from 23rd April- May 2nd this 10 day event is all set to be the biggest street culture festival. It returns with a bang with graffiti, 3 D -visual  art, spray paint tutorial, glow in the dark, open air music, food  & clothing, Jam & Mash Up Sessions, 20 Local & International Artists and the super incredible Luminarium, from Miracoco(the architects of air). 

Kobra, a star at global art scene will also be there to infuse vibrant energy to the giant canvas i.e.  AlGhurair Center and its surrounding. This Brazilian’s art is a mixture of color –drenched pixels, angular repetition and iconic faces. The effect is at once dramatic and playful. Buzzingtales chatted up and found out that this self taught artist is displaying a huge mural of Bedouin, as well as a 3-D street art. The theme is a boat popping out of a bottle from which the cork has been removed. Life giving water pours into the desert-land and makes it bloom. His theme and concept are customized to the region.

Buzzingtales was led into a world of peace and solace when inside the Luminarium. Soft trance music and unimaginably beautiful shapes of light transformed the space made of hand- made thin plastic into vibrant lightscapes that enchants all. The hand -made structure is made in London, Air Workshop in Nottingham.

Nothing compares to the thrill of air blowing on to your face as you skate-board, maneuvering the troughs and mount- displaying a perfect synergy between the body, board and ground. So if you are once who has mastered this sport or want to practice it out you can try out the kits at Rage store and then practice it out on the skate board park in Al Ghurair.

If you crave for the usual high of shopping and food there is plenty of option at the Street Con Festival from yummyluious street food and eclectic street fashion to the ones inside the mall and food court. As for me I would love to shop for a cocktail dress in Mango, grab some accessory at Aldo, and then stop by Morgan De Toi to pick up their fabulous tops and probably have a bite at Paul. Following which I will douse myself completely in the street festival, and binge shop more clothes, eat the savory street food, following which I burn out the calories wandering around or dancing to the peppy numbers at the DJ station completely mesmerized and head for the food court and grab some ice-cream. Hmmm…that sounds like the perfect weekend getaway.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Chilled Out Summer To Thrill Dubai - Disney On Ice

With the royal sisters, Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen visiting Dubai for the first time, in Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes, this summer is sure going to be as cool as it can be. One of Disney’s most bubbly characters Tinker Bell whisks the audiences through timeless moments from some of Disney’s most beloved & epic stories of beautiful princesses and their daring heroes.

This ensemble of epic tales opens at the Dubai World Trade Centre on June 10-13. Tickets for the performances go on sale today (April 20) at all Virgin Megastores and online at
The event organiser has added an ‘After School Special’ show on Thursday, June 11 at 3.30pm. A 25% discount applies on all bronze, silver and gold tickets for this show only.
The show is brought about by Etisalat, the UAE’s leading telecommunications operator and one of the largest corporations in the GCC, produced by Field Entertainment, organized by Sports & Entertainment Solutions and supported by Dubai’s Corporation for Tourism & Commerce Marketing.

Told through artistic skating and acrobatics, believing is just the beginning in this mesmerizing show, where dreamers will witness the magic of wishes coming true for eight Disney Princesses; Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana, Jasmine, Aurora and Snow White. 
Founder and CEO of SES, Ali Haidary, said guests will also enjoy a special appearance in the second act by royal sisters, Anna and Elsa from the Academy Award® winning and number one animated feature film of all time, Disney’s Frozen.
“Audiences will enter the land of Arendelle and journey up the North Mountains with Olaf and rugged mountain-man Kristoff as they help the sisters along the way in a story full of action, adventure, magic and unforgettable characters,” he said.
Haidary added: “There is something for the whole family. While the new generation will be captivated by Disney’s Frozen, mums and dads will reminisce as Cinderella, Aurora and Snow White search for true happiness.”   

Etisalat, the UAE’s largest telecommunications operator, has strategically partnered with SES for a second year to bring Disney On Ice to the country.
“Away from our daily routines is the world of wonder and entertainment that we wish to escape to and enjoy with our family and loved ones. Having recognized this desire for more family-centric options, Etisalat has strategically partnered with the world’s best to bring to the people of the UAE distinctive family-oriented events and attractions,” said Fares Hamad Fares, Etisalat Vice President of Corporate Communications.

“Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes is the second-in-series of popular exclusive performances in the UAE that we are very excited about. After the wonderful response from audience for the first performance - Disney On Ice presents Rockin’ Ever After, we can only expect the next show to be a greater hit among all segments of the audience - children and adults.”
Issam Kazim, CEO of Dubai’s Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM) said: “Following the success of the inaugural edition of Disney On Ice last year, it’s truly wonderful for Dubai to be hosting this magnificent and family-friendly event yet again.
“The return of such a globally recognised event, and brand, both reinforces and strengthens Dubai’s growing profile as a global events destination,” he added. “As we become closer to achieving our vision of encouraging 20 million guests to visit the emirate by the year 2020, we look forward to further growing our dynamic and diverse events offer for both residents and visitors to enjoy.”
To create this thrilling production, producer Kenneth Feld has selected some of the brightest and most creative minds in the industry:
Patty Vincent (Director), Cindy Stuart (Choreographer),Robert Little (Scenic Designer),  Ilona Somogyi (Costume Designer) ,Peter Morse (Lighting Designer),
So get set for  a bone chilling & thrilling summer entertainment!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

CIFF- Children's International Film Festival, 2015 In Dubai From 23rd April- 2nd May

Buzzingtales was captivated by the ingenious creativity evident in the line-up of international movies   
showcased at the press preview of CIFF’s 2015 (Children’s International Film Festival)   edition on Wednesday 15th April 2015, at VOX Cinemas, Mall of Emirates. The 2015 edition of CIFF is, being conducted in strategic partnership with Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC).Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Culture, Youth & Community Development of UAE, the 2015th edition of CIFF will be held across VOX Cinemas throughout UAE from 23rd April 2015 to 2nd May 2015, and will feature an astounding ensemble of 120 films in 50 languages 
 from 60 countries. 
Mr. Deepak Jain in an exclusive interview with Buzzingtales gives an insider view of CIFF.      

After the grand success of the 1st Edition, the Film Studio FZ LLC is bringing in the CIFF to UAE for the
 second time. Mr. Deepak Jain, CIFF 2015’s stirring Festival Director said, “CIFF has gained immense popularity since it began its maiden journey last year. It is a platform that provides the opportunity to young people, pre-teens & teens, to express their creativity through the ever entertaining medium of films.”

In his exclusive interview with Buzzingtales Mr. Jain reveals that the main purpose of the festival is to nurture & showcase young talent. He further revealed that it is always intriguing to see the amazing way a child’s mind works.

Buzzingtales was particularly touched by the two short films showcased at the press conference, namely Kooky & Freeze. The “Keep Calm & Carry On” documentary bared the power & strength of simple yet profound words during difficult times. The Games Maker is particularly interesting as the movie is about a child who develops an ingenious game & the problem he faces.

“I am…” a movie made by the students of Dubai Center for Special Needs is perhaps one of the most endearing film to be showcased in the festival is “I am…”, because of the special  children involved in the film making. Mr. Deepak Jain mentioned that among the most dramatic changes that had happened this time around at CIFF was the overwhelming response to the call for submission. He considered the participation of Emirati girls studying in Latifa School for Girls, Dubai to be one of the best changes he has witnessed.

Mr. Jamal Al Sharif, Chairman of DFTC and Managing Director of Dubai Studio City expressed his pleasure in partnering with CIFF reiterated that the festival is an ideal platform to showcase young creative minds as well nurture them, so that they gain first-hand experience & insights.

Mr. Toni El Massih, Director of Film Content & Distribution, Vox Cinema expressed his delight at being able to support CIFF. He emphasized on the importance of child edutainment and stirring the young creative talents by promoting & encouraging their work.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I had to share this empowering message I received in my email. The power of choose! Weather it is a bar of soap or the situation in life – most times we have the power. Weather we should or should not - tolerate domestic abuse; submit to world perceptions of beauty; let a life event control our state of mind; humor a demon boss – is a question of choice. When we exercise it wisely we empower ourselves and build our own happiness. We submit control to others when we demean our position, underestimate the power we have and keep our mouth shut, or minds confused. Check out this short clip & refresh your memory about the often forgotten POWER!

Dove® releases new film, shot in five countries around the globe, to inspire women to reconsider the choices they make about their beauty .

A staggering 96% of women do not choose the word ‘beautiful’ to describe how they look [1].  Dove believes feeling beautiful is a personal choice women should feel empowered to make for themselves, every day.   

The Dove Choose Beautiful film captures real women in San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London, and Sao Paolo considering about their own beauty. The women made a choice about the way they see themselves: ‘average’ versus the frequently avoided ‘beautiful.’  The film reveals that women often struggle with recognizing their own beauty. 

“Although the majority of women don’t describe themselves as beautiful, 80% agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful.  It’s time women think differently about this choice,” said Steve Miles, Senior Vice President, Dove.  “Dove Choose Beautiful urges women to embrace this choice, and inwardly challenge our tendency to not ‘choose beautiful’ because when we do it unlocks happiness and confidence that impacts women’s self-esteem.”  

“While we were filming, it was so clear that the women who chose to feel beautiful shined with a positive, empowered outlook,” said Paul Dektor, Film Director of Dove Choose Beautiful.  “We all have the personal and powerful ability to rise above others’ points of view, social media, and pop culture, and I hope the Dove Choose Beautiful film inspires women around the world to reconsider how they view their own beauty.”

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rajdeep Ranawat - Interview with accomplished creator of "Art to wear"

As Dubai gets ready to set the stage for one of the biggest fashion event En Vogue, Buzzingtales got a chance to chat up with the immensely talented young fashion designer Rajdeep Ranawat, who will be showcasing scintillating designs from his popular RR (Rajdeep Ranawat) brand, at the event.

Hi Mr.Rajdeep Ranawat, thanks for talking to us. Your designs are often described as an “Art to wear”. What are the major inspirations behind this art?
I am an artist and I love color. I create palettes over palettes and can’t ever stick to a particular color story or mood. Although keeping the season in mind, I immerse myself to that sort of mood and the topic of inspiration. We also like to give the clients options & thus create color ways in various hues of the same garment to give options as per their personality.
If I would need to be partial, I love warm hues of reds, yellows, golds, oranges, blues etc.
Although my major inspiration is from Nature itself… its colors, motifs, textures and everything else inspire me to no end.

Your training and work in Europe or your Indian root - which has played the major role in shaping the designer Rajdeep Ranawat?
I think it was mainly my experiences in Europe that nurtured my sensibilities to create what I create now. It helped me learn the professional side of the fashion business, the correct way to display clothing, to create a complete line/collection and the commercial aspect of creative designing.

Fashion is also about expressing individuality. What are the individual qualities the RR label reflects?
A ‘Rajdeep Ranawat’ label is the epitome of artistic clothing. The silhouettes are clean, simple, generic and comfortable in the most organic & silk based fabrics as deemed necessary - making the client feel like a dream! Our prints and color combinations entwined with exotic nature inspired embroideries are a treat to every woman’s wardrobe! Elegance, class and lure are our mantra!

The RR (Rajdeep Ranawat) is no doubt vibrant and resplendent. Yet the fashion world is intensely competitive. How does the RR label manage to standout from others?
I’ve never really seen any brand as a competition to myself as I’m true to my sensibilities, my work and a typical “RR” look that you can spot from a mile away. Fashion is competitive, but surprisingly we have had a great fan following for our brand & that only increased with each passing day. I guess we must be doing something right!!

What has been your most memorable moment & which has been the most challenging one?
My most memorable moment was when I did my first show at a Fashion Event. The ramp was set in the middle of a pool and I started the show with my collection followed by 10 others afterwards. I guess I set the benchmark since then!
The most challenging moment for me was when I wanted to set up my factory - the finances, the workers, getting the right set of assistants, and learning the correct way of doing business. Back then I didn’t have much experience when it came down to running a domestic label.

What are your future visions?
I feel the future is now!!! I truly enjoy what I do and create each day. We just launched our own e-commerce website two months ago, to make our lovely stuff even more approachable. We also opened our flagship store in the capital, Delhi last month in one of the oldest vintage spaces in Leutens Delhi of the affluent!!! I prefer to go with the flow for a steady constant rise. I’m surely not in any hurry at the moment and can’t complain!
What advice would you give to young aspiring designers?

Be true to your beliefs and sensibilities, and let your designs reflect the personality. Never ape anyone where in the future someone points a finger at you or your hard work for any negative reason.

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