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Minakhee is a brand ambassador of TOI (Times of India) and is a freelance content writer with about 9 yrs of experience. Her articles have been published in many leading publications. She loves to indulge in her twin passion writing (poetry , fiction, non-fiction) and painting. She is mostly a self taught artist and explores the world with her pen and brush with equal vigor. She is a MA in Sociology and a post graduate in Advertising and Marketing.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Romance On Cards - Jane Austen's Sweetheart

My knowledge of card games is extremely limited. Having had a few good hands at “ 29 “ and “Bray” I used to considered myself an expert  at cards, during my teen years. Well now I do know how complacent I was in my youthful overconfidence. However one thing that still leaves a lingering smile on my lips are the memories of relaxed, happy, enthusiastic fun times with family and friends while enjoying a game of cards. Those memories resurfaced when I stumbled upon this entirely new card game under the garb of good old time.  If you are someone who enjoys card games and wants a the good  old wine in new bottle, you might want to check this out.
ROMANCE is always on the cards with Jane Austen - and a new game takes that idea literally.
Jane Austen’s Sweethearts throws 108 characters from Austen’s six novels into the mix, testing memories as to who married, coveted or lost whom, and even offering enticing new pairings in your hand to ponder. 
It is designed to introduce newcomers to the world of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, while challenging hardcore Janeites to remember whom Harriet Smith eventually married (after falling in love four times) or which Musgrove sister married Captain Benwick. 
And the idea has quickly grabbed attention in the right places. It will feature in the November issue of Regency World, the official magazine of the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, England. 
The clever card game is the brainchild of retired teacher Joan Ting, who created it to entertain her local Jane Austen Society in Adelaide, South Australia. Everyone immediately saw its potential, but her dilemma as she refined it was deciding how much knowledge people should need to play. 
The answer was to put both an introductory and an advanced version in the same box.
Each of the 108 cards provides information and observations about the person and the period. Beginners receive basic hints such as which book the character appeared in, but the advanced game is a lot more challenging. Genuine “sweethearts” – those who married for love not convenience – may earn you double points. 
Joan worked with Adelaide designer Tricia Smith to research colours, fonts and designs of the Regency Era to produce cards that would not have been out of place in a drawing room  in Sense and Sensibility.

She also spent a lot of time researching and touring the UK to learn more about the period and the issues of the time that are referenced in the novels, such as education and slavery. 

Jane Austen’s Sweethearts can be purchased online at

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Life and living has its share of pleasure. The pursuit of pleasure especially  in its pure form- unhinged and unrestrained by moderation- leads us many a time down the guilt trip. How would you like it if you had the option to lead a life high on pleasure quotient minus all the guilt? You wish!! You wish !! Well here your wish has come true!! At least for those who consider FOOD as priority on their pleasure list. Here it is read on to find out how to  LIVE TO EAT minus the guilt that you are supposed to EAT TO LIVE.

Guilt Free Ladies Night launches at The Observatory

Dubai, UAE – 2 September 2014: The Observatory, Dubai’s cult bar destination, launched its Guilt Free Ladies Night last night, perfect for girls looking for a figure-friendly alternative to regular nights out.
Every Monday from 8pm to 11pm, ladies can indulge in three complimentary skinny concoctions, each less than 150 calories. The tasty selection includes Ladies Dream, Tropic, Twisty Bramble, Minty Melon and Pomme Passion.
The selection of canapés of no more than 50 calories each is brought to the table and gives the taste of eggplant roulade with sumac, smoked salmon with labneh, Thai beef in lemon grass, watermelon tender, balsamic caviar with eggplant puree, crispy spice chicken and baby beets with fresh mozzarella cheese, orange and basil.
There is no guilt after The Observatory ladies night; the calories are carefully counted while the gossip is kept secret under the deep, tech house and funky beats of DJ Joel.

INFO: From 1 September 2014 every Monday, 8pm - 11pm, free entry, The Observatory at 52nd floor, Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel & Suites.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 "With comfort comes confidence, and confidence is always in style"

Though Fashion is not something that I generally fetter over, I like to dress up every once in a while for outings and special occasions. As far as daily clothing is concerned comfort scores higher than just the look. However the color  flashes of clothing on tabloid flaunted by models with immaculate figures, never fails to attract my eyes and attention as I flip though the morning newspapers. At times I might take some extra interest & read the nuances and jargon's of the Fashion world. The allure of the celebrity show stoppers  with their pouts, shiny locks and of course the contours & cuts of dress materials, draws me seamlessly into this creative world. So when I got an invite to Shweta Wahi's Fashion show at Dubai I decided to take a peek into this young designers profile  (Did I say she is only 23 and has 26 shows to her credit). What I found left me more than just impressed. If you are one to treat your senses with a flood of elegance, style as well as comfortable and completely wearable clothing , you might like to check out Shweta Wahi's Show here in Dubai.

“Twenty Six Shows at Twenty Three”

Brought up between Dubai & Johannesburg, Shweta Wahi began culminating her signature style at the young age of 10, as a byproduct of her interest in visual arts and culture. It wasn’t until she set foot in Canada in 2008 that she was able to fastidiously build collections to be showcased in the Toronto and Ottawa fashion circuit under her fashion label- SOLACE. After completing her BFA (Hons) in Visual Arts from York University (2012), she went on to train as an Image Consultant from George Brown College, in affiliation with the International Image Institute (2012). Shweta has also done short courses in Fashion Styling from Central Saint Martins in London, UK (2005).

Shweta was one of the youngest designers to be invited to Ottawa Fashion Week in 2010 – a venue that proved to be a breakout for her in 2012 with her S/S 2013 collection, with Ms Galaxy 2013 and ambassador for Unicef Canada, Ms Solonge Tuyishime wearing one of Shweta’s creations on the runway for charity. She further went on to intern under one of the country’s finest homegrown designers and winner of “Project Runway Canada” - season one - Evan Biddell, where she worked with him on his collections for Toronto Fashion Week.

With twenty six shows at the young age of twenty three, this Canadian-Indian designer has set an aspirational path for “Shweta Wahi Creations”. 2013 saw the launch of her label in Africa with a fashion show in Windhoek (Namibia), a much appreciated presence at the Fashion Middle East Exhibition in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), followed by the Forbes Woman Magazine launch in Johannesburg, a trends forum in Mauritius and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa before the year end, followed by Design Indaba 2014- the largest design expo in the southern hemisphere. Besides a dedicated clientele in Toronto - Canada, her line of one of a kind fusion pieces are available in select boutiques in UAE with Africa to follow in the coming months.

Today, Shweta is also an international advisor to the Design Council in Mauritius.

As a young entrepreneur and philanthropist Shweta Wahi has raised more than CAD 50,000 in funds for charitable organisations including MSF, Canadian Red Cross, Haiti Relief Fund and Chinmaya Organisation for Rural Development in India.

Shweta’s journey has been documented via features in newspapers such as: ELLE SA, COSMOPOLITAN SA Forbes Africa, Gulf News, Masala Magazine (Dubai) Ottawa Citizen, MacMedia, the Excalibur, South Asian Generation Next; Television: Rogers Daytime, CTV Ottawa, CNBC Pakistan, Samaa TV, Sony TV, CNBC Africa; and various fashion and lifestyle blogs such as, pop champagne, and

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Interview with ATELIER M's Chef & Creator MR. Mohammad

Can you please tell us about the motivation behind Atelier M and what is the significance of this name?

I wanted to create something unique in Dubai. Atelier M is 3 venues in 1 (restaurant, lounge & rooftop).
Atelier means workshop and the M stands for Mohammad :)

    What are the unique experiences you wish to offer through Atelier M?

      I want our guests to experience fine dining at the restaurant, enjoying the great      atmosphere in our lounge and never forget our breathtaking rooftop. You spend your whole evening with us, you don´t have to move to another venue.

Can you share any interesting anecdote or memory associated with your culinary journey?    

Well, it´s a tough industry, but all memories are always associated with great teams and chefs.

    Who have been your Idols and what inspired you to take up this amazing career option?

Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who helped me to become a good chef and Gabino Satelino, who helped me to be successful in the culinary industry

    “French cuisine re- interpreted with Asian fusion flair” is the USP of Atelier M. What was your basic idea behind this?

       I love Japanes food, Asian flavours and French cooking techniques. Combining these 3 things creates amazing dishes. 
What are culinary delights one should look forward to at Atelier M? 

We have many, but for example Hamachi tatare with avocado and yuzu vinaigrette or Prawn gigli with shallot, tarragon lobster both delight the taste buds of our guests.

Friday, August 1, 2014

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ATELIER M- Irresistible French Fine Dining Experience


Opera Gallery 20th Anniversary  exhibiting Jean-Pierre Roc-Roussey 

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Social Media Consultant & writer of 2 books on yoga and nutrition, content writer since 9 years, sociologist, marketing and advertising student and a self-taught artist. Minakhee has been conferred with the title of Brand Ambassador of TOI title, and recently exhibited her art works at an esteemed Gallery in Dubai. After a stint with advertising and public relation organization, before indulging in her first love, writing.

The writers articles have found their way to many publications like Times of India, Friday, Gulf News, Womans Era, Femina, Oman times and Thursday. She is the first brand ambassador of Times Of India NRI section.She finds time to indulge in her twin passions (painting and writing). Apart from writing on various topics and painting  she feels  strongly about, the writer enjoys traveling with family around the world, listening to music, attending concerts and art exhibitions. Life is too short to squander away on so she lives it to the hilt and grabs all the sunshine it presents.

Few Of  The Places (Websites, Webinars & Blogs) Where We Have Featured In.......

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