Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Flavors Of The World - City Center Midrif Till 30th

City Centre Mirdif welcomes everyone to celebrate `Flavours of the World,' a month-long food festival that is taking place until November 30th. The food fiesta features 80 international cuisines, live entertainment and a chance to win a gourmet experience in Paris!

Celebrate ‘Flavours of the World’ at City Centre Mirdif until Nov 30th

As part of the festival, City Centre Mirdif has illuminated it’s outdoor dining area Oasis Walk, with an even bigger ‘Garden of Lights’ display, providing a glittering ambience. Until November 15th, a group of interactive, roaming chefs will be parading the mall, entertaining guests and inviting children to join them. Families can catch the roaming parade at 4:30pm, 6:30pm and 9:00pm.

 City Centre Mirdif has also published its annual Flavours of the World recipe book, a complimentary gift featuring the mall’s international restaurants and the recipes of their best-selling dishes. A gourmet experience in the City of Lights, Paris, France is up for grabs to those who spend AED 300 at any of the stores within City Centre Mirdif, with double chances of winning if spent dining at any of the restaurants.  In addition, instant prizes can be won upon redemption of receipts collected at any F&B outlet.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tee And Putt -Wafi Mall (Memorable Birthday Experience)

November 14th is a precious day for me. It’s not just Children’s Day or Chacha Nehru’s Birthday (as most Indian’s recognize it). It is special because my precious angle came into my world this day.  She will detest me for calling her my precious angle if she happens to read this. Yes, she has stepped into those delightful, rebellious, crazy, charming and charmed teenage years. This time she was sure of one thing, “I don’t mind not having a birthday party if it is the babyish McDonald or KFC kind, with over-sized cartoons, colorful balloons and kidish games.”

So there I was sweating and browsing the net for an age appropriate place. I stumbled upon Tee & Putt, Mini Golf at Wafi Mall. It had good 5 star reviews on Time Out, which prompted us to go check out the place. What we found left us grinning from ear to ear. We were certain this was going to be one memorable birthday for my angle.

Tee & Putt Mini Golf turned out to be a unique 18 hole Glow-In-the-Dark concept! It simulates golf experience in a completely different dimension. This Golf World is inundated with fun and adventure. The ambiance is relaxed yet thrilling and surreal, with dancy numbers playing in the background, “Glow-in-the Dark” colors and outer space theme. Astronauts and aliens witness your game as you chill out with friends and family. This place is only 1 ½ years old. One added incentive is that the place is not crowded. There is also a party hall for those who want to host parties here.

Miniature and adult gofers of all ages and skill set can enjoy the golfing challenge and actually have fun with golf. Each of the 18 holes has a distinct course. We were thrilled to see our birthday girl enjoying an amazing experience with her friends. This is certainly a place I would recommend to people with children.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Khan Murjan Souk At Wafi- Experience The Timeless Beauty

When Buzzing tales got invited to the unveiling of resident artisans at Khan Murjan Souk and to dine at Khan Murjan Restaurant it was a pleasant surprise. My affair with Dubai is now closing in on 7 years and yet there is no sign of the much talked about 7 year old itch. My experience with Dubai makes me come up with the adage that “Dubai spoils you for life.” Once you have lived here, you are too spoilt to live anywhere else. During my stay in Dubai, I have visited the beautiful, imposing Wafi mall innumerable times. I have seen the transformation it has undergone keeping intact its trademark Regal Egyptian theme, charm. The light and sound show is something I would recommend to all visitors coming to Dubai, the haute couture including Saks Avenue, and even the complex itself with its colossal statues from the Egyptian era is a sight-seeing place.

On November 5th 2014, Khan Murjan Souk celebrated its journey to becoming a focal point for authentic craftsmen from all corners of the Arab world. The day’s festivities included lunch at the famous Khan Murjan restaurant in the central courtyard.

 Souk inspired by 14th century original in Baghdad becomes permanent home to authentic craftsmanship Khan Murjan Souk, Wafi Mall’s authentic homage to the original souk once bustling with life in 14th century Baghdad, has expanded its selection of offerings by inviting artisans from around the Arabian world to set up permanent shops. Thus the impeccably designedKhan Murjan Souk expanded its selection of offerings by highlighting the beauty of traditional craftsmen from Turkey, Egypt, Syria and Morocco.

The original 14th century Khan Murjan Souk in Baghdad offered inns and places of rest to travelers and traders, while also serving as a haven for artisans. Wafi Mall’s iteration remains true to that vision, gathering craftsmen from across the Arab world to showcase traditional skills that have been all but lost to history.

A highlight of Khan Murjan Souk in Wafi Mall is its celebration of authentic artisanal skills. The Souk’s construction brought together traditional craftsmen from Turkey, Egypt, Syria and Morocco.

Every single element, carving and pattern populating the Souk was created by hand using traditional methods and authentic designs, with finished pieces being shipped over and assembled into a cohesive whole.

And now, Khan Murjan Souk continues its homage to traditional skills, playing a role in keeping alive centuries old vocations by offering them a home in its subterranean expanses.

“Khan Murjan was developed with a deep respect and enduring passion for the historical, architectural and artistic identity of the Arabian world, where many traditional craftsmen have been bought out of retirement to produce genuine designs. We are continuing in that direction by creating an engaging showcase of artisanal skills from across the current Arab world,” said Dr. Akram Salah, Partner, Khan Murjan Souk in Wafi Mall.

Like the venerable original, Khan Murjan Souk in Wafi Mall too bustles with craftsmen creating and selling their wares. Visitors get a chance to see weavers creating Persian carpets, blowing intricate glasswork and preparing traditional meals for passers-by to taste. Wood weavers, tent carvers and copper makers populate the halls while basket weavers and calligraphists ply their trade in the passageways. Tanoura dancers add age-old mystique to the rhythm of traditional drummers, and henna artists decorate palms with intricate patterns passed on through centuries.

Guests on the artisanal tour enjoyed a festive lunch at the famous Khan Murjan restaurant, where Middle Eastern cuisine is prepared fresh in the central courtyard. Freshly baked breads accompanied tender meat grilling on charcoal beds, with the tinkling of a water wheel paying homage to ancient methods of water collection. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

IGN Convention - Enthralling Entertainment for Game Lovers


Dubai’s geeks, TV series buffs, gamers and comic book enthusiasts , brace yourself to enjoy and mingle with the likes of Kristian Nairn of Game of Thrones ‘Hodor’ fame; Troy Baker who has voiced characters across a multitude of best-selling games including Batman, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy XIII to name a few. Also this year we welcome globally loved female cosplayer Riddle.

IGN Convention creates geek paradise with global stars at Dubai International Marine Club.Stars, geeks and comic book aficionados are on a direct collision course with Dubai as the IGN Convention roars into the Mina Seyahi Hall, Dubai International Marine Club. From the 21st to 22nd November 2014, pop culture will showcase its latest and greatest from the worlds of movies, video games and comics.

Fun awaits you this year, with live video game music, arcade games, card games, table top games, free workshops, eSports, a regional artist showcase, video game exhibitions, kid’s zone, comic’s zone and a lot more.


 “The idea is to create an enthralling world for pop culture followers and video games, film and comic book buffs. IGN Convention’s Dubai stop has always attracted local and international celebrities to go with great content and amazing attractions. It’s not just for geeks, either – we’ve got some brilliant stuff for the entire family,” said Abbas Jaffar Ali,Director, IGN Middle East.

During these two days, from 12 to 10 pm, fans will get to be a part of concerts with live video game music, arcade games, card games, table top games, free workshops, eSports, a regional artist showcase, video game exhibitions, kid’s zone, comic’s zone and a lot more.An Artist Alley will promote independent artists, game developers, film makers, fan clubs and authors, while commercial entities will showcase their wares in on the exhibition floor.“This year, fans can look forward to more celebrities, more entertainment and more fun.Cosplay addicts will mingle with geeks discussing movies while gamers exercise their thumbs and reflexes. Quite simply, it’s a paradise for anyone in any way interested in movies, TV series, video games, comics or role playing,” Jaffar Ali concluded.
For more information on the event, please visit


Saturday, November 8, 2014

JUST FALAFEL- Redefining Street Food

How do you perfect excellence? Buzzingtales intended to find out just that when it accepted JUST FALAFEL’s invitation for unveiling of its NEW MENU!!

 If you reside in Dubai and haven’t heard of JUST FALAFEL’s well that’s a little hard to digest. Just Falafel  is a hugely popular chain of eatery, first set up in Abu Dhabi (2007), originally serving authentic Mediterranean Street Food Falafel, and also Shawarma, Hummus dips, Salads and Desserts. In less than a decade Just Falafel has achieved stupendous heights realizing a global presence in 18 countries, and conferred with many awards.

The Dubai Marina Branch of Just Falafel exuded JF’s familiar vibrant, energetic and warm street vibes. It was easy to see that the unassuming and positive charm of JF, emanated from its Founder and MD, Mohamad Bitar. With an omnipresent smile and unpretentious charm he served out the new and scrumptious spread. Buzzingtales found out that perfecting excellence is not about sitting easy on your success, it is about seeking new adventures, continuously exploring, constantly redefining the GOALS.

The new menu just spoils you for choices with food ranging from Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Greek, Italian , Quesadillas, Burritos, Original JF, Side Salads, range of Hummus dips, Organic salads,  Fun meals , wholesome meals and even baked options for the health conscious.

First up was the awesome hummus dips with soft gluten free wrap breads. This was shortly followed by Baked  Mediterranean Falafel,  stuffed with the most perfectly flavored aubergine. There is also the chicken and beef Falafel option for the non-vegetarian customers. I was digging into this delectable healthy and wholesome piece when another alluring option was served out for me- Baked Italian Falafel. It was hard to believe that these appetizing pieces were baked! Yes, you can actually eat healthy without compromising on taste and love it too, at JF. Just as I thought things can’t get any better it actually did! My personal favorite the amazing Sliders was dished up. The bread was crunchy yet soft, with a tangy sweet savory sauce embracing the delectable Falafel, and a dash of salad made things even more interesting. It was like stepping into quaint picturesque place and discovering something intriguing at every step. The fun seemed unending at Just Falafel. I was exhilarated to see the Indian options in the JF’s Menu. Mr. Mohamad Bitar put it rightly ‘’A nutritious meal in a box! You get your protein, your carbohydrate and can even create your own wraps with it.”  The sweet potato wedges were another divine creation and you can’t help but indulge in these absolutely delectable sin food – or rather a healthy sin :-) . Buzzingtales's rendezvous with JF ended in an absolutely heavenly, delightful chocolaty note. The chocolate mousse magic worked its wonders and just left Buzzingtales weak in the knees.
 Sarah Cocker (Head of Investor Relations) revealed that they were amazed to find that JF had over 80% of Non-Vegetarian customer. Oh! At this point it is important to note that traditional these -mouthwatering, golden-brown croquettes, with a crisp crunchy exterior and moist, hot interior- are  made of protein rich vegetarian ingredients like chick peas, fava beans and various spices.  JF has redefined the traditional recipes to cater to the non-Vegetarians, introducing many delectable options to choose from.
Staying true to its tag line “Yesterdays traditions today’s recipe” JF’s New Menu preserved the goodness of the age old Falafel while redefining it to cater to different taste buds.
Mr Bitar said that JF is not just about serving fast and tasty food, but it also aims to provide healthy wholesome good food. The Just Falafel falafels are naturally gluten free and full of vegetarian protein and fiber. Now blended with Chia seeds, Falafel it also has anti-oxidants and fatty acids. The Falafels are fried with zero percent sunflower oil, cholesterol free and changed daily. For the overly health conscious JF has introduced baked varieties. It plans to introduce many more healthy options even in the dessert section soon.

 With its tantalizing food JF just doesn’t have to try any harder to charm its fans. Despite this I came to know that JF takes its social responsibility very seriously. JF’s mission is "To Feed The Hungry." Every time a new restaurant is opened it contributes to the UN World Food Programme.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Celebrated Finnish Artist, Soile Yli Mary, to Showcase Her Works at the Fann-À-Porter Art Gallery this November

The gallery continues to host renowned international and local artists with its full yearly calendar through 2014/15 in the prestigious Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates
Renowned Finnish artist, Soile Yli Mary, will be exhibiting her work throughout November, 2014.

About Artist & Her Work
Soile Yli Mary is one of Finland's most internationally renowned artists and has been painting for more than 25 years.  Graduating from the Liberal Art School of Helsinki in Finland and the Stuttgart Art Academy in Germany, her style is personal but closely related to expressionism. Creating her work by using a palette knife, her style is to use the paint in three ways: a thin, even coat, thick lines and by scraping lines into the painted area, to create a three-dimensional look.

The main theme in Soile Yli Mary’s work is humanity and people’s alienation from nature in the urban world.  Since 1975, she has held 255 private exhibitions in 25 different countries, including Japan, China, India, Latin America, The United States and in many Countries throughout Europe.


“Fann-À-Porter”, which translates as “art-to-go”, launched its gallery space in Dubai earlier this year with the goal of bringing a host of international talent to display their collections on a monthly basis with a full year calendar in 2014/15. The gallery will be featuring international and local artists from the UAE, Jordan, France, Holland, Finland, Lebanon, Spain and Italy. The gallery also displays the work of talented designers alongside the gallery’s own collection of objects d’arts.

[‘ Fann’ is the Arabic word for ‘Art’] We carefully collect beautifully designed objects of art, messages that artists and designers from around the globe wish to convey to you hoping that their work satisfies your visual tastes and speaks to the inner ‘you’! Ideas, in the form of paintings, wearable art, jewelry, home accessories, furniture, and much more- all uniquely designed in limited editions to bring joy and happiness to you and the people in your life.

Gallery Opening Times:
Sunday to Tuesday: 10 am to 10 pm
Friday and Saturday: 12 pm to 10 pm

Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates - Lobby area
Tel: +971 4 4270219 
Mob:  +971 55 1369454

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Breast Cancer awareness - Burjuman’s Safe & Sound

Life throws across countless challenges and we respect those who surmount those challenges, put up a brave fight and face them. I read somewhere that life loves to surprise- Sometimes pleasant sometimes unpleasant. It is the mostly the unpleasant ones that impart valuable lessons. Perhaps the Burjuman’s Safe & Sound and Breast Cancer awareness initiative was born out of such insights gained through dire experiences. From the very genesis the initiative’s sustained endeavor has been to spread a single life saving message, 'Survival of Breast Cancer can be greatly increased via early detection and treatment'. This message has reached over 25 million since the initiative first started in 1997.

It was amazing to become a drop among the flood of enthusiastic supporters who turned up at the event. The extremely well-organized event saw unprecedented support from schools, school children, many organizations, corporate companies apart from thousands of individuals. People turned up with children at the lush green Zabeel Park as early as 7: 00 Am on a wonderful lazy Friday morning. Kids as young as 6 or 7 didn’t hesitate to trade their holiday morning siesta and instead turned up to lend support for this worthy cause. The 2 Km walk was a festive parade celebrating the spirit of life and renewing the pledge to “Beat Cancer”. Pink  was the theme all the way from pink face paints, pink drums, pink challenge, caps, cute puppies with even cuter pink ribbons – Yes you got it right, let your imagination run wild.

To date, Burjuman’s initiative has raised more than AED 2.5 million through fundraising events and donations. The funds generated go towards generating further awareness and supporting patient care.
In the 10th edition of BurJuman’s Pink Walkathon held on the 31st October 2014 all supporters took a crucial step for Cancer Awareness by walking the 2KM course at Dubai's Zabeel Park (dressed in Pink of course!)

Other initiatives included the BurJuman Pink Book Sale (held at BurJuman on 17th October). Book lovers could choose from thousands of donated favorite titles for as little as AED 5 and the proceeds went towards supporting the cause.

In the BurJuman Pink Lounge (open from 1st Oct - 31st Oct) at BurJuman supporters got to kick back, relax but most importantly show their support by purchasing a pink ribbon and leaving a personalized message on the Pledge Wall.

What an amazing event to help beat breast cancer together.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Italian Artistry Shines in Dubai - Ritz Carlton, DIFC

If you revere style, elegance and sophistication you will not be unfamiliar with the scintillating Italian artistry. From being a major power player in the fashion world, to being the manufacturer of the racy and luxurious Ferrari, style is Italy’s middle name. So when Buzzingtales got invited for Italian Luxury Interiors Exhibition at Ritz Carlton it set out to spread the word. If you love sleek designs, a fascinating work of art check out the details of this unique exhibitions below.

§  The event is open to public with free entrance. 
§  Unique and high in style 

§  Art and design lovers invited

The Italian Luxury Interiors Exhibition is set to return with its fourth edition to Dubai on 18-21 November 2014 at the Ritz Carlton, DIFC. Organized by the Italian Trade Commission, Trade Promotion Office of the Italian Embassy, in cooperation with Confartigianato and CAN – the national Confederation of crafts and SMEs - the Exhibition brings together more than 20 carefully-picked companies displaying their finest works crafted through techniques passed down, refined and adapted through the generations, and working in areas as diverse as textiles and lighting, with materials as varied as ceramic, gold leaf, leather and iron.

This year's event showcases various exclusive furnishings, such as furniture, decorative and household items, lighting, textile products and more from a number of Italy's globally renowned brands.

Italian Trade Commissioner Ferdinando Fiore, speaking ahead of the Exhibition, notes that: “Since 2010, Italian Luxury Interiors has carved itself a solid name in the UAE as the place to admire the very best of Italian interior design. The Italian handicrafts legacy is very important to us and the UAE are the perfect partner to boost export of high end “Made in Italy” products to the Gulf region. The Exhibition is an extraordinary four-day event connecting the best of Italy to discerning buyers in the UAE, including trade buyers, professionals, designers and art lovers.”

The companies attending thisyear’sExhibition are: Ammirati Progetto Legno; Dr. Vranjes Firenze; Arte Arreda; Caino Design by Stv Italia; Calma e Gesso; Fantini Mosaici S.r.l.; Florida; Fonderia Artistica Ruocco; Lampe Srl; Laser Line Italia Srl; Mabele by Ma-Bo Srl; Made a Mano; Maison Claire; Mee Murano; Mobilificio Bordignon Camillo Srl; Multiformesas di Zorzi Renata & C.; Opificio Serico Fiorentino Srl; PvzSrl – Neonero; Sabina Ascanelli; Santoni Vetri (Vetro Giardini); Selezioni Domus; Valli Srl (Ecotono); Vetrart di Bagnara Daniele & C snc.

Entrance is free. Not only do we expect traders, local companies and distributors in the furniture sector, but art lovers and design devotees as well!

Timings of the Event
18th November, 3 pm - 7.30 pm
19th November, 3 pm - 9.30 pm
20th November, 3 pm - 9.30 pm
21st November, 3pm - 9.30pm

To know more about the Italian Luxury Interiors Exhibition:

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Doll At O1NE Yas Island

Legendary Theme Nights take centre stage at O1NE Yas Island
in October

Prepare to be spooked at O1NE Yas Island - It’s Halloween, doll!

It’s the spookiest time of the year... Creepy dolls will be haunting O1NE Yas Island on Friday 31st October... 

The start of the new season at O1NE Yas Island in September 2014 has seen the mega club open two days a week, on both Thursdays and Fridays. Each Friday night, O1NE is completely transformed into one of three themes – New York, Jungle or 1990’s, with the entire look and feel of the interior totally transporting partygoers into that mindset.

From the revolutionary 360-degree 3D projection mapping, to professional entertainers, a decor overhaul, and even staff immersed in the theme, O1NE offers an out of body experience and the ultimate nightclub experience.

O1NE Yas Island is open till 4am, with shuttle and its new Concierge service entails premiere hotel and restaurant rates, exclusive reservations, and limousine shuttles from both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Thursday 30th October – The Original O1NE Night

Friday 31st October – Halloween Party

Halloween Party (Friday 31st October) At Jazz @ Pizza Express


Jazz@PizzaExpress is the newest and first licensed addition to the UAE PizzaExpress family, based in JLT, Cluster A. The iconic live music venue and restaurant offers a fresh new menu loaded with new recipes that compliment this signature restaurant, as well as all the old favourites! Listen to live music every night from fantastic performers.
For reservations: 04 441 6342.

Halloween Party (Friday 31st October)
On Friday 31stOctober, guests can enjoy games, special Halloween -themed menu items and superb live entertainment at Jazz@PizzaExpress’ Halloween daytime brunch party, which will also continue into the evening with plenty of tricks and treats on offer.

Adding a twist to their traditional Italian dishes, expect to see a mix of creepy cuisine, such as pumpkin salad, spicy petrifying pasta, phantom pizza and spider web chocolate desserts. There will also be a concoction of special spooky beverages on offer, plus the chance to win prizes with a variety of competitions throughout the day – including best fancy dress.
Time: 12 pm – close

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (throughout October)
Jazz@PizzaExpress has announced its participation in Breast Cancer Awareness month during October. During the whole of next month, the trendy eatery will offer an array of specially created dishes, with a percentage of the proceeds going towards the worldwide charity.

To increase awareness and show its support for the annual campaign, Jazz@PizzaExpress will have a menu of special items on every table in the shape of a pink ribbon – the international symbol for the charity.

Saturday Family Brunch at Jazz@PizzaExpress
Launching 13thSeptember 2014, Jazz@PizzaExpress is adding another fantastic value brunch for the weekend. The Saturday Family Brunch offers superb live music along with mouth-watering dishes for both children and adults.
Children under eight eat for free whilst being entertained with cupcake decorating, balloon making and a variety of arts and crafts.

Friday Brunch at Jazz@PizzaExpress
Jazz@PizzaExpress presents brunch, a jam-packed afternoon of delicious Italian food, beverages and live music and music from DJ Lucy Pink. The brunch provides the perfect atmosphere to indulge with family, friends and loved ones in the wide variety of quality dishes whilst enjoying optional unlimited house beverages for only AED 189 – we think it’s the best value brunch in town!

It’s the Weekend!
Each Thursday and Friday evening at Jazz@PizzaExpress is filled with Funk, Reggae, Soul, NeoSoul & Originals with a touch of Hip Hop and RnB. Thursday’s we’re treated with Abri & Funk Radius and each Friday evening following the cheapest brunch in town is Expressed - we truly are spoiled.

Acoustic Open Mic Night Hosted by Abbo
Join host Abbo Abbondandalo for Acoustic Mic Night every Sunday from 8pm. We ask all those who can sing, play guitar or any other unplugged instrument to come and show off their talents. Sign up between 7 pm and 8 pm for the chance to perform up to three songs. This is a brand new night and is quickly proving popular!

Happy 2-for-1 Mondays
Every Monday at Jazz@PizzaExpress get the best deal in town with a 2-for-1 offer on all starters, main courses, desserts, drinks, and house beverages.

Tuesday Jam Sessions
Each Tuesday at Jazz@PizzaExpress join in with our Jam Sessions by either supporting local talent or signing up and singing on stage in front of a packed out venue.

The Swing Revue
The Swing Revue jives into Jazz@PizzaExpress with big band music and big band dancing. They offer free swing dance lessons before jumping on stage and throwing us into the classic hits from the swing era. This night is one to definitely bring your dancing shoes and your hipster attitude.

Jazz@PizzaExpress has recently launched their world-famous Chef’s Table, giving diners the chance to create their own pizza. Each Chef’s Table gives guests behind-the-scenes access and the opportunity to learn insider secrets from the restaurant’s pizzaiolos and create their very own pizza – just the way they like it. Ideal for families, birthday parties and corporate team building, for groups of seven to 10 people.

Halloween At Dubai Golf- Frightening Fun

Get Ready for Frightening Fun at Dubai Golf this Halloween
Celebrate with Spookylicious Brunches and a Spine Chilling Par 3 Competition with the Family

23 September 2014, Dubai UAE – Get into the Halloween spirit with frighteningly fun events this year down at Dubai Golf. Grab your fancy dress costumes and get ready for a day of entertainment, with Spookylicious Friday Brunches at Dubai Creek and Emirates Golf Club as well as The Green Keeper’s Revenge Par 3 Tournament at Dubai Creek.

The iconic Legends Restaurant at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club will be transformed into a Halloween haven for all the family to enjoy. The unique brunch experience will be filled with ghoulish games and live entertainment, as well as fun activities for the children from noon to 3:30pm on Friday, 31st October. Guests can revel in an endless starter and dessert buffet along with a selection from the a la carte menu.

Over at Emirates Golf Club, what better way to celebrate Halloween than indulging in a delicious brunch buffet at M’s with a live carvery! Enjoy a vast selection of international cuisine from noon to 3pmwith face painting and plenty of other activities to keep the kids entertained. Prizes will be awarded for the best costume at both brunches so be sure to get creative.

The fun doesn’t end there on Halloween. When the shotgun goes off at 3pm and 5pm, head Greenkeeper “Perry” will be arranging horrible Halloween hazards which will catch you off-guard at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club’s Par 3 golf course. It’s not just the bunkers you need to be aware of.

Be afraid, be very afraid! Who knows what spine chilling challenges might be lurking behind a tree or blocking your way to the green at this frighteningly fun stableford golf competition for teams of one adult and one child. Treat yourself to a delicious buffet on the Academy terrace from 5pm to 8pm after the competition.

Legends Brunch Prices:
AED 250 for food and soft beverages
AED 370 with selected beverages
AED 400 with sparkling, AED 550 with Moët & Chandon
AED 595 with Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial
AED 85 for children between 7 and 12 years
Children below 7 dine for free
For more information and bookings please contact Legends restaurant on +971 4 295 6000 or email creekdining@dubaigolf.com.

M’s Brunch Prices:
Brunch buffet and free flowing house beverages AED 325 per person
Brunch buffet and soft beverages AED 165 per person
Children (5 to 12 years)  AED 75
Children under 5 go free

For more information and bookings please contact M’s on +971 4 417 9999 or email emiratesdining@dubaigolf.com

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