Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Middle East’s 1st Online Market-Place for Kids’ Fashion

Mini Exchange, the brain child of Sarah Appleton is a unique online market-place. It empowers the parents to buy and sell new and like-new kids’ clothing and accessories, fancy dress and school uniform. Mini Exchange also works as an outlet for retailers looking to sell end-of-season stock.

Mini Exchange does the hard work for sellers and gives buyers easy access to discounted branded and designer clothes. Items are collected from sellers for free and quality-checked by the team. They are then professionally photographed, described and listed on the site. When they sell, Mini Exchange deposits the profits directly into the seller’s account. Buyers can order from the comfort of their own homes and are assured that items purchased are nothing less than perfect – genuine, freshly laundered and in great condition.

Giving back to the community

Mini Exchange gives users the opportunity to support some great causes across the Middle East whilst clearing out their kids’ wardrobes. The company has tied up with three reputable organisations – START, Little Wings and Action Care – all of which work in different ways to help and support children across the region. Sellers can make a real difference to their community by listing clothes and gifting the profits directly to one of these good causes.

The website also allows individuals and organisations to support causes close to their own hearts by creating a “Mini Group”. Users can invite friends, family and colleagues to clear out their kids’ wardrobes by listing items on the site, and when the items sell the profits can be contributed to the good cause. Whether it’s supporting victims of a natural disaster, or trekking the Himalayas for a personal charity, Mini Groups allow users to support causes that matter to them.

Who started it?

The revolutionary platform is the brainchild of Sarah Appleton who saw a gap in the market and left a successful career in finance to start the business. As one of seven children growing up just outside London, Sarah learnt the value of hand-me-downs at a very young age. “Children grow, but their clothes don't and the sheer volume of kids’ clothes only worn a handful of times is testament to that. I want to give parents a fun, easy and hassle-free way to clear out their kids’ wardrobes so that they can make space for all the new clothes to come.”

Progress to date

Mini Exchange, has shown unprecedented growth in the six months since launch. Having started with less than 600 items on the site, visitors can now expect to find around 5,000 items listed on Miniexchange.com. Successfully partnering with more than 20 leading international brands and also multi brand boutiques locally, and with many more in the pipeline, Mini Exchange strives to become the regions number one online destination for buying and selling kids clothing.

“The positive reaction to the website has been overwhelming from both buyers and sellers alike” says proprietor, Sarah Appleton. The platform has also been lauded internationally, winning the ArabNet Beirut StartUp Demo Competition and the prestigious PITME Labs Middle East Impact & Ingenuity Award earlier this year.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Arabic Art Exhibition At Noon Hotel,Dubai

 Recently Buzzingtales was invited to the Arabic Art Spirit, an exhibition hosted by Noon Hotel      Dubai.The   Highlights of this event included:


1.Showcasing of works from Ismail Fatah Al Turk, Fateh Al Moudarres, Paul Guiragossian and Dr. Khalid Al Jader
2.Book signing from globally renowned artist Nasser Soumi.
 Arabian Art Spirit – a two-week long art exhibition featuring the works of the region’s finest artists from International House Real Estate’s collection – opened in Dubai on 15th October. The exhibition is on till 28th October 2014

The venue is appropriately Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments, the city’s first completely art inspired hotel and gallery which opened in February this year. Guests were invited to admire a showcase of beautiful artwork from over 25 local and regional artists from Dubai’s International House collection. Noon Hotel’s art gallery, located on the first floor, will feature pieces from award-winning artists including Ismail Fatah Al Turk, Fateh Al Moudarres, Paul Guiragossian and Dr. Khalid Al Jader.

Noon Hotel’s entire décor is heavily influenced by Arabic art, with three artists – Dr. Najat Meky, an Emirati; Ali Hassan, a Qatar resident; and Tunisian Khaled Ben Slimane – providing the inspiration and beautiful creations throughout the property and its 45 serviced apartments. Each individual apartment has its own style from a distinct idea, which offers guests and visitors a unique experience.
Rasha Al Mutawa, Managing Director of Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments enthused: “It is an honour and we are very excited that International House Real Estate is sharing their collection of beautiful artwork with art lovers in Dubai at our hotel.”
“Given the success of Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments and Gallery since it opened, we want to give something back to the local art community. We will be showcasing a number of exceptional exhibitions on a regular basis in the coming months. This exhibition, which starts on 15thOctober at 7pm, will last for two whole weeks,” she continued.

Call 04 347 7676 to find out more details or to book your place for the art exhibition and book signing.
 Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments:
Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments is Dubai’s first art inspired hotel apartments located in Al Barsha, near the Mall of Emirates. The new concept has been brought to life by three acclaimed Arabic artists: Dr. Najat Meky (Emirati), Ali Hassan (Qatari) and Khaled Ben Slimane (Tunisian). These three artists have created the concept of ‘art of hospitality’ and the entire hotel has been inspired by the art of the three artists too.

Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments opened in February 2014 and has 45 serviced apartments with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. Each room is the vision of one of the three artists; they have added a unique design to showcase their individual artistic style. There is an Art Gallery on the first floor boasting various art pieces in exhibitions from local and regional artists. The Restaurant and Café has an international menu and caters for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The hotel is a mixture of Arabic modern art and décor. All of the artists have a contemporary style, which includes sculpture, ceramics and paintings.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Award ceremony to be held at this year’s ADFF
Abu Dhabi, 11 October, 2014: Three Emirati filmmakers have reached the final of Image Nation and twofour54’s amateur film competition, Arab Film Studio, including mother of seven, Fakhrah Abdullah.
The will attend an award’s ceremony held at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival for the first time in the competition’s history.  
Fakhrah, 34 from Fujairah, whose short film tells the story of a wheelchair bound boy, said: “I am overwhelmed at the news that my film has been selected as one of the final six. It’s been an incredible few months learning from industry experts and getting a behind the scenes, up-close look at the film industry. I’m lucky to even get this far in the competition, winning would just be the cherry on top!”
Six awards will be given out during the event, including the coveted Best Film which includes a 50,000AED prize fund and a chance to work with Image Nation on future projects.
Final Films
Ali Al Marzouqi (UAE)
A lonely businessman searching for a parrot buys one from a questionable source. He is attracted to the intelligence of this talking parrot and over time builds a friendly relationship with it. However this friendship finishes with a strange and unexpected end.

Fakhrah Abdullah (UAE)
This film tells the story of a child that ends up wheelchair bound after an accident. His mum tricks him into believing he will recover, despite the chances of this being slight. After many years, he is still not able to walk, but finally realizes that his mum played a vital role in him having a life full of happiness and hope.  

Maryam Alabbad (Kuwait)
Set in Kuwait, 1938, a young girl dreams of going to school but must fight against social stigmas of the time, and her father who believes a girls life is more purposeful in the home. 
Mohamed Magdy (Egypt)
A story about a female painter who delivers messages from the dead to their beloved, seeking for the opportunity to deliver her own message to her deceased parents.
Salman Ahmad (Pakistani/UK)
Two strangers with family and work issues on their mind meet randomly at the airport when their flights are delayed. In their ensuing conversation, they find comfort in each other and vow to make the right choices going forward.
Shahad Al Shehhi (UAE)
A young colorless (black & white) girl struggles in accepting herself and feels unfortunate for the fact she is deprived of having the privilege of wearing colorful clothes and makeup. Whatever she wears, its colors fade away. Her only way to play with colors is through her talent of painting. When a young blind girl visits, she is forced to see the world through her eyes.

This year’s finalists, chosen by a panel of judges including David Hasselhoff, include Ali Al Marzouqi from the UAE; Maryam Alabbad from Kuwait; Mohamed Magdy from Egypt; Salman Ahmad from the UK and Shahad Al Shehhi from the UAE.
Last year, Sara Saber from Egypt won the top prize and has gone on to screen her final film, In Her Eyes, at festivals around the world, including the Arab Film Festival in San Francisco.
Three of the AFS participant’s films, Shadows by Mohamed Magdy, Kalelis by Shahad Al Shehhi and Taboo by Aisha Al Hammadi (not a finalist) have also qualified for ADFF’s Emirates Film Competition.

The Arab Film Studio award’s evening will be held on October 30.

STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING- Humans are not commodities

Opening a news channel on TV can leaves you feeling depressed and drained powerless in the face of the negative forces at work. Yes TV is a powerful mass media, but what lends it power are the human actions (negative or positive) that it revolves around or as in the case of news channels covers.  You have to be devoid of human emotions if you are not affected by the umpteen cases of child abuse, human trafficking and rape reported in the various platforms. At one point you are left feeling so helpless that the only sane thing to do is switch off the channels, numb your senses or pretend these are alien stuff that happens in a different world and you will remain untouched by it. Some other reactions span as these – 1.become paranoid and make the lives of those around you miserable with your paranoia or 2. a voracious upholder/proponent of human rights.

There is some NEWS however which give you hope, brighten up your day, becomes a reason for you to smile. One such NEWS that brightened up my day was the rescue of a 5 year old child trafficking victim in Jammu Kashmir. This child was kidnapped from Bandra, Mumbai; forced to beg and subsequently abandoned after the recent flood. The child was found hungry and in frail condition by a Kashmiri family. The Jawans too pitted in to help when they were alerted by the family. While the search was on for the girl’s family the Kashmiri family not only took care of the child but had also decided to take in the child as their own if no one claimed her. What a show of humanity by the poor Kashmiri family with 4 kids of their own to sustain. The little 5 year old was all praises for the caring Jawan's as well. It is these little stories of hope & humanity that come up as sparks of light dispelling the engulfing darkness.While the tentacles of Human Trafficking so deep rooted that every effort to 
combat it seems insignificant every step matters.

While the tentacles of Human Trafficking so deep rooted that every effort to 
combat it seems insignificant every step matters.

1. Believe that you can make a difference. Everyone has the potential to identify a human traffickingvictim. Identify and learn the red flags of human trafficking so that you can help in identifying a potential trafficking victim. 

2. Become a cautious consumer. Determine your Slavery Footprint. Find out the Department of Labor’s List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor. 

3. Integrate human trafficking information into places and platforms where you think you can make a difference.

4. Join or initiate an anti-trafficking coalition; donate fund or items to an anti-trafficking organization; start a fund raiser or awareness event.

7. Create public awareness and distribute materials relevant to the topic

8. Volunteer to reach out to victims or offer professional services to a local anti-trafficking organization.

12. Educate your child about it and also help spread awareness. Try to make a difference as a parent, educator, or school administrator, be alert of how traffickers target school-aged children.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Exclusive Pictures Of MEAF Event On Arthritis

In the approach to World Arthritis Day, celebrated around the world on October 12th, the Middle East Arthritis Foundation hosted an exciting event this weekend to both raise awareness of the disease, and inspire those with the condition to make the most of life. 















Monday, October 13, 2014

CHIMES - Addictive Far Eastern Cuisine & Sea Food

If you are a food lover and haven’t been to Chimes, you have certainly been missing something amazing. If you are a sea food lover then this is your ultimate destination. This no frills joint, believes in & acts on the philosophy -"To serve the highest quality Far Eastern Food at affordable prices." What's more? ? Well, Crab Festival is on throughout the month of October !!! Your crab cravings are not just satisfied but you risk getting absolutely addicted to the delectable premier quality food prepared & served at Chimes.

  •   Crab Festival - A Celebration For Crab Lovers

Dubai, UAE: ‘Chimes October Crab fest’ returns! Enjoy the delicious -crab spreads at Chimes throughout October. Each Crab weighs approximately 500 grams and is prepared to perfection in a variation of flavor sauces and served with steamed rice or mantou bread. Made with the freshest of ingredients, the selection of crab dishes is truly a doorway to taste decadent, perfectly marinated crab, smothered in flavorful sauces, spices and herbs.
 Singaporean Chilli Crab
 Singaporean Pepper Crab
 Sri Lankan Crab Curry
 Malaysian Butter Crab
 Salt & Pepper Crab 
 Asian Steamed Crab 

CHIMES menu consists of an exotic variety of dishes from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Vietnam.

Vegetarian lovers are well catered for with a good choice of authentic Far Eastern vegetarian options, children’s meal options are available on demand. Chimes serves both traditional and modern recipes from the Far East endeavoring to acquire all the traditional, authentic ingredients necessary to hold true to these varied and interesting cultural recipes. With a commitment to quality dining, artificial ingredients are not used at all in food preparations.

Chimes has set its mark in the restaurant industry and was one of the four finalists nominated in the category ‘Best Asian Restaurant’ at BBC Good Food Awards 2013.


 Chimes support various nonprofit groups, local communities and charity organizations in Dubai. 



So there you are! How often do you come across a commercial establishment with a generous splash of heart. Chimes is certainly a place that you would love to visit again and again. Look out for exclusive food review of ""Chimes" - a restaurant with a heart on this space. 

Email: info@chimesdubai.com
Telephone: 04-3234211

Friday, October 10, 2014

Living Better, Ageing well- 2 Day Fun & Informative Event by Middle East Arthritis Foundation

“Living Better, Ageing well”

I have seen a dear friend put up a valiant fight, dealing with Arthritis, trying to go through life as normally as possible. I have seen her always keeping her spirit up, never losing her jest and humor for life. But if we are affected by this painful malady or have seen a loved one go through it we can understand just how much of inner strength coping with Arthritis demands. Most people are aware that Arthritis is an extremely painful condition affecting the musculoskeletal system. The common assumption is that this debilitating disease affects mostly adults above the age of 50 or the elderly. Facts however speak a very shocking and distressing story. In USA alone, more than 300,000 children are held hostage by juvenile arthritis. New age science and research in this area has helped control the incapacitating effects of this disease. Life doesn’t have to become a prolonged battle any more.
World Arthritis day is on 12th October and Middle East Arthritis Foundation has organized 2 days of fun filled and informative events on Friday 10th & October & 11th October . All events and free of any charge. Events are for all age categories and range from advice from experts to cooking to painting. To register or find out details call, Middle East Arthritis Foundation- 050 534 3182. Find out how to deal with Arthritis and lead a perfectly normal life organized.

More Details Here:
JOIN US for 2 days of activities with our experts to learn more about arthritis, receive valuable tips & advice on how to effectively manage the condition and live your life happily
All activities will be free of charge and open to the public.
1.     October 10th, 10am - 8pm, Radisson Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road Stretching and breathing practical session for arthritis patients; weight loss and nutrition sessions; fitness training with an expert; lunch; roundtable discussion with patients and experts (rheumatologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists etc.) and much more. *The discussion will be held both in English and Arabic.
2.     October 11th 10am – 1.30pm, Shangri La hotel, Sheikh Zaed Road, Dubai Juvenile Arthritis Forum for patients and kids with Dr.Betina Rogalski (Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist, the Children's Medical Centre, UAE), Dr.Suma Balan (Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, India) and Ms.Maya Kobeissi (Registered Dietician Specialised in Paediatric Nutrition, Dr.Humeira Badsha Medical Centre, UAE). While children will be enjoying ceramic painting, parents will have a chance to receive practical advice from experts, participate in discussion and exchange opinions.
3.     October 11th 3pm - 7pm, SCAFA culinary school, unit 6, promenade level, cluster I, JLT, Dubai Cooking session for patients with arthritis guided by chef instructors and nutritionist. Participants will have a chance to receive advice from experts on healthy eating, easy and effective cooking techniques, strategies for simplifying meal preparation, nutrition and much more. Interactive and positive cooking contest will be followed by a healthy dinner for all participants. EXPERTS: • Dr. Humeira Badsha – Consultant Rheumatologist – American Board Certified – Board Member MEAF • Dr. Waleed AlShehhi - Consultant Rheumatologist – Arthritis, Bone and Joints problems • Katrina Thornely is a patient supporter and former (M)EAF Director of Operations and Patient Support • Dr. William Murrell – Orthopedic Surgeon Sports Medicine – Knee problems, sports injury, keeping fit in middle age, fitness and lifestyle • Dr. Betina Rogalski – Consultant Pediatric Rheumatologist – Juvenile Arthritis • Ms. Maya Kobeissi – Nutrition & Diet • Dr. Vishwas Chhabra – Yoga expert

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Queen Of Spades Collection

The adage that one should never judge a book only by its cover is indeed very true. This particular saying is true, not just regarding the 3 P’s persons, perspectives and perception. For instance before I came to Dubai about 6 years back I would laugh on your face if you tell me an Abaya can make a style statement. I would have said in my complacent way back then - "What exactly is stylish about a black robe which covers you from head to toe?" Well, that perspective changed when I had gone to Dubai Mall for the first time and got to see the lovely embellished Abaya's . Not only were they eye catching they actually made you want to wear one of them. If style is your middle name then you might want to have a look at these stylish  Jalabeyas and Abayas from the  Queen of Spades of  Lamya Abedin .

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