Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Last Of The Tasburai an engrossing debutant novel by Rehan Khan

For all the action fantasy novel fans in UAE who have housed a longing for their very own, home grown creator, there is cause for much celebration. Dubai based author Rehan Khan has woven an impressive tale about a class of gallant warriors (The Tasburai’s), embroiled in power struggle, war, and politics. “The Last Of The Tasburai” story unfolds in the fictitious Avantolian peninsula inhabited by people of myriad culture, including the tyrannical Avantolian Republic, the revered Tasburai warriors,  the opulent monarchical Kronnorburg state as well as the Athenian Archipelago, the Empire of Duria, the Pathan Province, and Krakonite state. Despite their conflicting interests the states had united in the past against a common enemy- Magorg the race of the demon masters. The sacred order of the Tasburai (especially Grand master Suri-Yi  )had been instrumental in forging this alliance. However in the present day scenario there are various events and evidences which reveal that Magorg race has not been obliterated.

 Originally elite class of altruistic combatants, the Tasburais have lost their sense of equilibrium and are now being used by the Avanist republic as an instrument of prosecution. Even innocent citizens are being victimized. However the sparks of their previous glory and honor is still kicking and alive in Adan and Suri-Yi. The plot develops around the  5 main protagonist - Adan a phenomenal young orphaned Tasburai  apprentice; the courageous  Ylva who is a lady Robinwood of sorts, the gullible princess Elsta, Tasburai grand-master Suri-Yi and captain Rikard.

Young adults will be drawn to the fast paced action drama with intriguing male and female protagonists. This speedy action packed epic fantasy brings out the internal conflicts of the protagonists even as their lives gets intertwined in the cascading secrets that tumble out from the dark closets. The battles, both external and internal fought by the characters give ample scope for their heroism and virtuous personality to emerge even when faced with adversities. Adults will find the internal conflicts faced by the protagonist quite captivating. There is some distant echo of the immensely popular Game of Thrones and Lord of Rings though the narrative retains its freshness. All in all a speedy entertaining read, reverberating with engrossing deeper meaning.

Adan, an apprentice of the legendary Tasburai order, is training hard to become an elite warrior in the service of the Avanist Republic. He’s horrified to discover the Republic’s authoritarian leaders are reshaping the Tasburai as a tool of persecution. Innocent people are being imprisoned. He didn’t sign up for this. Feisty young thief Ylva robs the rich of the walled city of Kronnoburg. She is helping her father Olaf, one time mercenary, redistribute wealth to the needy. But when she steals a Tasburai sword, her world turns upside down. Meanwhile, captain Rikard, a lowly commoner, discovers a secret plan by the Avanist Republic to overthrow Kronnoburg. Only nobody believes him, including Princess Elsta, its naïve ruler, who just wants to get married to her dashing prince. And finally, Tasburai grandmaster Suri-Yi, sword of the Avanist Republic, is trying to become … a better person, which is difficult, considering the Republic has ordered her to export violent revolution. What’s worse, she’s discovered old enemies—the Magrog and their demons—are poised to invade. Suri-Yi needs to unite the Avanist Republic and Kronnoburg against the Magrog. She’s about to drag Adan, Ylva, Rikard, and Elsta into the one thing she does best. Killing.

About Rehan Khan

Rehan Khan, was born in Wimbledon, is a first time author for the book Last of the Tasburai. As his day job, Rehan is the Regional Consulting Director in the MENA region, for a FTSE 100 corporation. He has more than twenty years of experience. Rehan has worked across a number of industries including: telecoms, media, technology, real estate, private equity and executive education. He is also a Professor of Management at HULT International Business School. Between 2009-10, Rehan was a business columnist for The National  newspaper in the UAE. Rehan holds a master’s degree in applied social and market research, as well as an MBA in strategy.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Instantly Ageless- 'Botox in a sachet'

 What would you say if a magical anti-aging secret lands right into your lap? - Or should I say a 'Botox in a sachet'. Yes, you heard/read me right!!!  “Instantly Ageless”  promises   to miraculously diminish & fade away  your puffy eyes, thick/ fine lines and wrinkles in less than 2 minutes.  Who doesn’t want to wipe off those lines off their face and knock off a few years in Ahem… Ahem… just a few minutes!!! Instantly Ageless product claims to works best on apparent / visible affected area and provides the necessary results. Watch the videos below to get a grasp of things!!
                                                          video supplied by marketing team

When my review sample of the product arrived -needless to say- I was both apprehensive and excited. I am a great proponent of all things natural. Although I do the daily ritual of cleansing & moisturizing- most of my beauty treatment product come straight from my kitchen counter. So you can say my beauty products consist mostly of milk, cucumber, almond….yes you get the flow. So you can understand why I was getting jitters about using a novel & completely new product. All the same I have a little rebel inside me who surfaces every now & then. This apart from the obvious pull of unknown adventure and lure of stumbling upon something miraculous prompted me to try out the product.

1. A very vital fact that made my choice of dabbing something new on my face easier was the promptness of the marketing team to make their product available for review. Only someone who is sure of their product quality will readily allow it to be scrutinized.

2. Instantly Ageless needed to be applied only after applying moisturizer. As I did not need to apply it on my bare face it put me more at ease.
                                                        video supplied by marketing team
The verdict:
My face did look refreshed and rejuvenated. My review sample was for only 3 application and the still the difference in my skin was quiet evident.  The marketing team had pointed out earlier that the impact is most noticeable on visible & apparent areas. Hence the benefits of the product will be instantly seen in those with perceptible signs of aging. That is not to say that we need to wait for signs of aging to set in before erasing them. The product is not just for diminishing signs of aging but also to prevent or delay their occurrence. Prevention after all is the best cure
A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Some also believe that with eternal beauty we can have eternal joy.  Youth with its vibrant spirit is considered synonymous with beauty. Now who doesn’t want to look youthful? Some may find this hollow and argue about the beauty of aging gracefully. Beauty of the soul for some is vital, and youth they argue is momentary. No matter how skin deep beauty is for these rare species- I’m sure- even the greatest cynics will turn back for a chance to glance at a beauteous face.
Many people don’t even bat an eye-lid before going under the knife to achieve their parameters of beauty. While Buzzingtales really feels such an obsession with beauty has various underlying problems, it’s an individual decision at the end of the day. Desire for flawless skin drives many to take extreme steps. If you are about to take such drastic steps do look for less radical solutions. Instantly ageless with its powerful formulation claims to recreate similar or better results as a botox injection minus all the agonizing pain and distressing side effects. So all who desire a youthful appearance & wrinkle free flawless skin be informed there is one great product in the market - INSTANTLY AGELESS  

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Paris Gallery Celebrates the Spirit Of Ramadan, Grandly, At Grand Hyyat, Laylati Cafe, Dubai

Celebrating the spirit of Ramadan, Paris Gallery the premier retailer in Middle East hosted a grand media Suhoor, at Grand Hyyat, Laylati Café on 23rd June 2015. Buzzingtales enjoyed -the flavors of Ramadan, the scrumptious spread from Arabic cuisine, socializing and the warmth of Arabic hospitality. The luxurious and relaxed ambience was thoroughly relished by the media personnel’s of UAE . Mr. Mohammed Abdul Rahim Al Fahim, the CEO of the Paris Gallery Group of Companies, expressed his  gratitude to the media for their incessant  support, & charmed all with his graciousness.  Welcoming the guests  warmly were various staff and employees of Paris Gallery as well as the amiable Mr. Mohamad Jaber, the Group Marketing Manager.

About Paris Gallery:
A leading luxury retailer in the Middle East, Paris Gallery is the eponymous flagship brand of the Paris Gallery Group, with over 3 million sq. ft. of opulent shopping space and over 50 stores located in prime retail addresses spanning across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain. The stores offer a premium collection of over 550 international brands across several product categories including perfumes, skincare, makeup, watches, jewelry, sunglasses and accessories.

With nearly two decades of expertise of keeping customers' interests at its core, Paris Gallery's luxurious shopping environment, innovative retail concepts, service standards and its signature Arabic hospitality practices sees the brand stand out as an unequivocal shopping and gifting destination in the Middle East.

Due to its continued commitment to bring the best service to its customers Paris Gallery has received various award including the prestigious Global Award for Perfection, Quality & Ideal Performance in Berlin, Germany.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

2nd- India Fashion Week, Dubai An Out-pour of Glitz

The 2nd Edition of INDIA FASHION WEEK DUBAI (IFWD) hosted at Le Meridian, Dubai caused an explosive outbreak of verve & panache in the sheikdom. The event organized by Ministry of Events and Dream Advertising, showcasing the eclectic ensemble of art to wear by Indian designers opened with much aplomb, on 14th & 15th, June, 2015 and took the city along a thrilling fashion ride.

Buzzingtales was mesmerized by the downpour of glitz and style oozing on the ramp. The unyielding passion and devotion to style out clothes as an art work`, was evident in each of the designs showcased. Some of the  top designers who presented their designs on  the 2nd edition of IFWD runway were Vikram Phadnis, Rocky S,  Archana Kochhar, Rakesh Agarvwal, Libas, Arshi Jamal, Ganjam Jewellers,  Neerus, Roush footwear, Nakkashi, SFW,  Stile Man, Sheetal Creations, FAD Ayesha Warsi and Riyaz Ganagji. 

On 14th Buzzingtales got to witness the glamorous extravagance of Riyaz Ganagji’s designs, the spunk of the new age designers from FAD International Academy and the scintillating yet subtle constructs of ace designer Archana Kochaar.

Riyaz’s designs had a prevalence of ethnic wear, gowns, tuxedos with gorgeous embellishments. Both the men and women’s wear dazzled all with their clever motifs and embroidery woven into vibrantly colored fabric alternating with soft colors. The stylish men bags accessorizing the men’s wear were an instant hit with the crowd.

Witnessing the collection of young designers on the runway instantly revitalized the audience. The fun quotient was high throughout and the youthful energy & drive for experimentation was evident in each of piece. 

The high point of the show for Buzzingtales was Archana Kochhar’s show. The flawless cuts, seamless fabric and intricate embroidery spoke volumes about the meticulous effort put in transforming each of the designs into reality. Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley who was the showstopper was a vision to watch in her mermaid inspired aquamarine gown with golden embroidery.

Star designer Vikram Phadnis’s  grand finale at India Fashion Week Dubai Season is something Buzzingtales regrets missing. The fabulous IFWD is one show Buzzingtales will cover from top to bottom next time on!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bosporus- Another Bridge To Turkey Opens At Wafi Dubai

On Saturday 6th June 2015, Buzzingtales attended the grand opening of the 5th Bosporus (Turkish restaurant ) restaurant at Wafi Mall. Named after the Bosporus Bridge in Turkey which connects Europe and Asia, Bosporus Restaurant at Wafi is indeed “Your Bridge To Turkey”.

In line with its expansion plan in the UAE, Bosporus Restaurant opened its fifth branch in Wafi Mall with Turkish splendor in full galore. With a floor area of 15,000 square meters and a capacity of over 300 guests, the new location is the largest Turkish restaurant in the UAE and in the Middle East.
Shaikh Ahmad bin Rashed Al Maktoum, Shaikh Rashed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, and the Turkish Consulate Mr. Erdem Ozan led the ribbon cutting ceremony to officially launch the new Bosporus at Wafi Mall last Saturday, 6th June 2015. Emirati VIPs, celebrities, and a number of media figures attended the grand opening event.

The company explained that this expansion comes in response to the increasing demand for authentic Turkish food in the region. The restaurant was designed in keeping with the highest architectural standards; featuring an authentic Turkish atmosphere with a contemporary touch. Expected to be buzzing with families and young Dubai elite, the new Bosporus promises beautiful times, excellent food, and the same happy and vibrant atmosphere the brand is known for.

Commenting on the new opening, a board member of the Bosporus chain expressed great pleasure in opening the latest Bosporus branch, commenting that "living in the UAE was a chance to explore the authentic Turkish cuisine, which is reflected in how we built our brand. Our promise is to offer Istanbul standards in hospitality and food, and showcase the exquisite Turkish culture to people in the UAE. It is a centuries-old culture that remains young and vibrant. Turkey is a country of history, and much like the Ottoman history, Turkish cuisine comes with a touch of authenticity and originality that is loved by everybody, Arabs and westerners alike."

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Buzzingtales was excited to witness the bold fashion and innovative collections from GCC designers at Wafi Mall. Al Reem Ramadan Bazaar drew thousands of visitors as WAFI Mall rang out once again with the sights and sounds unique fashionable range of works before the holy month Ramadan. After an incredibly successful first year, the celebration of fashion, beauty, accessories and more returned to WAFI Mall from June 4th to June 7th 2015.

Sponsored by WAFI, Al Reem Bazaar was set up in association with fashion guru and businesswoman Eman Al Falamerzi. Known for her innovative contemporary lines and ability to shape trends, Al Falamerzi has helped define the world of fashion in the UAE. The Bazaar is named after Al Falamerzi’s daughter Reem.
In 2015, the Bazaar once again gathered some of the most exciting talents of the Middle Eastern fashion scene, bringing WAFI Mall visitors a bonanza of fashion creations and Arabic perfumes. In 2014, Al Reem Bazaar was successful in pulling in 45,000 visitors over four days. 2015 was bigger and better, with over 30 local fashion houses, startups and designers showcasing their wares to thousands.

“I’m delighted that Al Reem Bazar returned to WAFI Mall, and I thank the team there for their support and sponsorship. The idea was to showcase design talent from across the GCC, and combine the journey towards the auspicious month of Ramadan with a family destination of flair or creativity. The response the first year was fantastic, and Al Reem Bazar 2 came back by popular demand with a bigger line-up of home grown fashion and creativity,” Al Falamerzi said.

Al Reem Bazar 2 kicked off with a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by Al Falamerzi. Influential society figures congregated at the bazaar across four days, including  Lojain Omran, Hikmat Al Kaitoob, Dominique Hourani, Sogha, Rafee3a Ahajsi, Abeer Alyassin, Amira Fadel, Rihab Abdullah and Asmahan Al Nakbi. The final day of the event saw the attendance of Aryam Emarat and HH Shaikha Sheikha Bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

“Innovation and contemporary creations were all part of the mix Al Reem Bazaar 2. It offered a showcase of beauty, art and designer confidence. It was a great avenue for designers to showcase their latest work, and also a wonderful destination for audiences to come and be inspired. We’re pleased to have created to a great family friendly festive atmosphere with some amazing designs on offer,” Al Falamerzi concluded. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Big Hearted Fun - Play MONOPOLY for Charity at -Mall of the Emirates, City Centres Deira and Mirdif

·  Visitors to play on Dubai themed Monopoly game for the first time featuring iconic Dubai landmarks
·  The best-selling board game worldwide returns allowing players to give back to Charity

On June 2, 2015 Buzzingtales became part  of this year’s edition of Giant Dubai Custom Made MONOPOLY  packed with spectacular prizes and surprises.  Majid Al Futtaim—the leading shopping mall, retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East and North Africa—celebrated the 20th anniversary of City Centre Deira, the 10th anniversary of Mall of the Emirates, and hosted  MONOPOLY’s 80th Birthday bash. The Birthday party at Mall Of Emirates was power packed with fun, style and surprises all befitting Mr. Monopoly. 
A life-sized tailor-made version of the world-famous real estate game featured UAE’s iconic landmarks, celebrating the heritage and diversity of the Emirates. Complementing the original strategy game where investment and properties are key to success, mall retailers will provide instant prizes when players land on their properties. 

Playing For Charity Cause

During the game, Majid Al Futtaim will be converting players’ virtual money into real cash value and donate the money to Red Crescent, a humanitarian organization promoting the spirit of solidarity and compassion among the community members, providing housing to support people and families in Nepal.
A digital meter will reflect the numbers showing the donations progress until the end of the campaign. Additionally, Monopoly houses will be placed in different locations in mall for visitors who wish to make a donation and help build homes for the less fortunate, even without playing.

How To Participate?

To participate, visitors of City Centre Deira, City Centre Mirdif & Mall of the Emirates can simply spend AED 300 on shopping, dining or entertainment at the lifestyle destinations, and exchange their receipts at the board registration desk for a token in order to play.
Players will start the game with 50 points, take turn to throw the large dice and move to the square indicated by the score of the dice. Each property square on the board will have designated points value. When a player lands on any property, the points will be added and appear on the scoreboard. One game is estimated 10 minutes long and every winner of each game will win a gift voucher prize worth AED 500.
“Along with the celebration of important milestones this year, Majid Al Futtaim wants to celebrate its successes by brightening the lives of those who are in need, while delivering our ultimate goal of creating great moments for everyone, everyday.  Red Crescent’s aspirations to promote the spirit of solidarity and compassion by supporting families who are in need are remarkable, and we are happy to provide a charitable platform through a well-loved game such as MONOPOLY,” said Fuad Mansoor Sharaf, Senior Director – Property Management, Shopping Malls for Majid Al Futtaim Properties.

Mr. Monopoly as MC

As part of the highlights, MONOPOLY enthusiasts can look forward to giant 3D themed elements on the board game, where Mr.MONOPOLY will be acting as the Master of Ceremony; a Game facilitator will then help participants move onto the next square as the game progresses and the Jailer will be capturing pictures of the players.
During weekdays, players can use their tokens within 24 hours from redemption date; and during weekends, tokens can be used on any given weekday. Shoppers can receive a maximum of 4 tokens per day.

Game Timings

MONOPOLY game can be played from 12pm to 10pm from Sat to Wed, and from 12pm to midnight Thursday and Friday.
Online Monopoly
To add to the fun, fans of all three malls can play the online Monopoly trivia for a chance to win daily prizes and share the passion in making a difference to the lives of families in need.
For more up-to-date information on how to participate, please visit:,, or

Sunday, June 7, 2015

WAFI launches 39Studio & debuts new menu at Asha’s

WAFI Mall created a day of rich experiences and festivities on 30th May 2015, for Buzzingtales & a select coterie of guests who were invited to sample the new menu at Indian restaurant Asha’s before heading to the gala opening of Kaltham Alabbar’s fashion venture 39Studio.

The festivities kicked off with a relaxed afternoon lunch at Asha’s – the eponymous restaurant by legendary singer Asha Bhosle. The legendary voice was present in person socialising with the guests who tried the restaurant’s new coastal menu, and sampled some of Bhosle’s own favourite dishes.
The lunch was followed by the grand opening gala for 39Studio, WAFI’s newest abaya couture and fashion offering by Kaltham Alabbar, who has combined her passion for art and design with the entrepreneurial genes of the Alabbar family.
“WAFI isn’t just a place for retail but rather a destination for experiences. We were very pleased to have been able to create a full day of taste, sensations and fashion for our discerning guests, and show them the latest that WAFI has to offer. From new coastal dishes tantalising taste buds to 39Studio’s chique trends, we are constantly looking at ways of reinventing and enhancing the WAFI experience,” Layla Al Harmoudi, Head of WAFI Central Marketing Department, WAFI Mall.

39Studio caters to local and Arabic tastes, fusing traditional abaya and jalabiya designs with global influences to create signature capes and kaftans. Contemporary design meets age-old tradition in a synthesis of form and function. 39Studio will also offer Pret a Porter – or ready to wear – collections for travel and special occasions.

“I am very pleased to have opened the first 39Studio at WAFI Mall, which I feel is an excellent fit for the brand. We are working hard to create special collections and events for Ramadan and Eid, and unveiling exclusive lines that match the mood of the season. This is only the start of 39Studio’s journey, and we will soon have other exciting news to share,” said Alabbar.
Dubai’s newest fashion brand makes a mark in the market with technological innovation combined with quality and a meticulous attention to detail that is usually only the preserve of fashion’s biggest names. The semiotics behind the brand puts 9 as the absolute core of the brand, while the 30 left over represents the number of days in a month, paying homage to daily life and everyday items.

“WAFI will continue curating superb experiences for its clientele, and we are delighted that entrepreneurs continue choosing WAFI Mall as a destination of choice for their innovative offerings,” Layla Al Harmoudi concluded.  

The Matchless Asha Bhosle At Asha's Original Restaurant - Wafi Mall

It’s not every day that life brings you face to face with a celebrity of the caliber of the ionic Ashaji’s fame.  Hence Buzzingtales was transported to quiet another world at the prospect of meeting up with the living legend - Asha Bhosle. On 30th May 2015 bollywood’s all time singing sensation Asha Bhosle hosted a lunch and met with food bloggers and social media personnel’s at her celebrated  Indian restaurant ASHA’s Original at Wafi Mall, Dubai – to mark the launch of the new Coastal Menu.

Residents of Sheikhdom are unlikely to miss the architectural splendor of Wafi.  Housed in it, is the illustrious Indian singer Asha Bhosle Ji’s pioneer Indian Restaurant of Asha’s Original.  Asha’s Original’s inherent tradition of serving delicious authentic Indian cuisine stems from the owner’s love for cooking and serving good food. 

In Ashaji’s own words -  “Cooking is a lot like singing. It brings joy and pleasure to my audience.” “Good food transcends any language or culture it has universal appeal.”
Many of the signature dishes have been developed by Ashaji herself and from her culinary encounters gained through voracious travel across India.

Meeting such an illustrious yet grounded personality, exuding so much warmth just takes ones breath away. She was her charming self - Patiently chatting up & posing for pictures with the guests/fans. Dressed demurely in a light blue & white saree with a string of beads she belied her age. Her warmth and flamboyance was reflected in the restaurant’s décor, service as well as cuisine.

Asha’s Original offers scrumptious traditional Indian delicacies in a dynamic modern setting. During the winter Asha’s  gorgeous terrace setting is an ideal place to enjoy your food as well as the stunning views of the Wafi courtyard. During the summer you can relax in the idyllic ambience inside the restaurant and catch a glimpse of some memorable moments from Ashaji’s life though the pictures adored in the walls.

My mango based drink was absolutely gorgeous. Among the delectable range of snacks served, the char-grilled Kerala tiger prawns with garlic and chilli from the costal menu, struck a special chord with the guests.  I found the dahi bundi very refreshing- Just the right stuff to beat the sultry and harsh summer. The Kadhai Paneer and Dal Makhani(Lentil Butter) served with an assortment of Indian breads was just out of this world. We got to know that the Dal Makhani owes its wondrous taste to dollops of butter (makhan) and a lot of hard work and sweat. The Dal is cooked for an arduous 6 hours before it can be served- but the end result more than justified such enormous effort. Having a sweet tooth I have a special place for dessert. No matter how stuffed I am, dessert always finds its way to my tummy. The Soft Rasmalai (cheese dumplings) in sweetened saffron milk and the hot inviting Gulab Jamuns effortlessly found their way into my mouth and heart. So if you love delicious Indian food served in a soothing alluring ambience head off to Asha’s Original at Wafi Mall.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

‘Ek Mulaqaat’ (One Meeting)- with veterans Deepti Naval & Shekhar Suman in Dubai

“Ek Mulaqaat”, is a conversation about love, life and literature and features the veteran actors Shekhar Suman and Deepti Naval. The play has been garnering rave reviews and  running in theaters with sold out seats across India.

 Theatre fans in the UAE can now enjoy the production thanks to Sopritti, the flagship brand of Pritti Nanda – a stalwart of the UAE community, in collaboration with Vertical 101, the events arm of premier communications agency Blue Apple.  The play will run on June 5th and 6th from 8pm onwards at the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre (DUCTAC), Mall of the Emirates.

 “Ek Mulaqaat”, a Hindi - Urdu play about the intense relationship between celebrated Urdu poet Sahir Ludhianvi and acclaimed Punjabi author Amrita Pritam. In today’s times of frantic messaging and consummation, the relationship between the two stands out as a symbol of dignity and pathos in love. 

The play, directed by Saif Hyder Hasan, is infused with literary references, nazms and poetry of the legendary duo.Saif brings with him wealth of experience having written two books, ten plays and directed many which have been staged to public and critical acclaim. His book ‘One Yesterday’, a compilation of memoirs was published by Rupa & Co in 2004. In 2007, Saif was part of the jury of Classmate Young Author Contest 2006. The panel was headed by Ruskin Bond.

Returning to the theatre after a long illustrious career in television and as a Director is actor Shekhar Suman as Sahir Ludhianvi. He made his debut in the movie Utsav alongside Bollywood bigwigs Shashi Kapoor and Rekha. On television, he was featured in the shows Dekh Bhai Dekh, Reporter, Kabhi Idhar Kabhi Udhar, Wah Janab, Chote Babu, Andaz, Amar Prem 'Aaha', Vilayati Babu, Movers n Shakers, Simply Shekhar and Carry On Shekhar. The last three were primarily modeled on and adapted from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Sharing the stage with Shekhar Suman is actress Deepti Naval as Amrita Pritam. She is an Indian American actress who has worked in over 70 Hindi films. She has most often worked in art-house and independent films, known as parallel cinema in India. She is best known for her acting in films like Chashme Baddoor (1981), Mirch Masala (1985), and more. She has also acted and directed television serials.

“I have long been an admirer of Ludhianvi and Pritam and when I heard of “Ek Mulaqaat”, I had to bring it to Dubai,” said Pritti Nanda, the lady behind sopritti. “Theatre buffs are in for a treat as the play, a soul baring conversation between the two lovers, is symbolic of the sanctity of love.”

“Ek Mulaqaat, has been making waves across India because of the rich writing, creative direction and quality performances,” said Vishal Anand, CEO of Blue Apple and its event arm Vertical 101. “The play, peppered with Ludhianvi’s lyrics and Pritam’s poems will not be a disappointment.”

Monday, June 1, 2015


On 26th June 2015 Buzzingtales got a taste of Italian hospitality and enjoyed a memorable guilt free dinner at Eataly, an Italian Resturant in Dubai Mall. To Celebrate the breaking of fast this Ramadan, Eataly has designed a special set menu that’s flavorful, wholesome and healthy.

 We chose from one of their custom made Iftar set menus (89aed or 119aed per person) which had a wonderful assortment of soups, salads and main courses with a finale of heavenly Date Tiramisu.

The tantalizing Minestrone Soup (minestrone soup drizzled with pesto sauce) laden with fresh ingredients and the Elegante (Corella pears parmigiano mixed green salad, topped with walnuts and balsamic dressing) salad topped with crunchy walnuts and cheese instantly revitalized me. We even tried out the Insalata del Giardino (mixed green salad, cherry tomatoes, red radish, croutons, carrots and onions served with balsamic dressing). I have never eaten so much green with such relish before. Certainly a place to take your kids to train them to eat greens, because one can’t help but eat the salads if they as delicious as the ones we had at Eataly.
The fresh Jallab made from date syrup with rosewater and topped with pine seeds & raisins was the most apt drink to soothe the summer blues away. I sipped up the last drop of it before scooping out the crunchy pine seeds and sweet raisins to feast on them.

For the main course we settled for Salmone Alla Griglia,ie grilled salmon topped with salmoriglio sauce and our choice of side dish- followed by Spaghetti Alla Carbonara.The spaghetti made from alfeltra spaghetti was flavorful and had some crunch in it. The delicious taste was created from pesto sauce, boiled diced potatoes and green beans. 

Blessed with a sweet tooth dessert time is always await eagerly.The Tiramishu Con Datteri served out to us at Eataly was one of my personal favorite. It was quiet unlike the rich tiramishu I have tasted elsewhere. It was surprisingly light without compromising on the taste The sweetness seemed to exude from the natural sweetness of the dates. Apart from the scrumptious food I am certainly going back to Eataly for more of their Tiramishu dessert and probably even check out a few more of their dishes I chanced by in the menu .

The restaurant is a sprawling space and its charm lines in the minimalistic and witty deor. The space serves as a supermarket to grab your specialty Italian items. A guest can not only dine but also indulge in shopping for their exclusive Italian food items, souvenirs as well as household items at House X. They even have a cool caffetaria called Gran Cafe  and a eye-catching Nuttela snack counter. This one cool diner I would love to revisit anytime I am at Dubai mall.

As part of the Ramadan celebration Eataly is  selling wonderful gift hampers that you can customize your self.

Established in 2007 by former electronics entrepreneur Oscar Farinetti with the aim of making high-quality Italian food available to everyone, at affordable prices and in an informal environment where people can shop, taste and learn. Eataly opened its first 30,000 square feet location in a rundown vermouth warehouse in the Lingotto district of Turin, and has expanded ever since to 27 stores (10 in Italy, 13 in Japan, 1 in New York, 1 in Chicago, 1 in Turkey, and 1 located inside the Dubai Mall in Dubai, which opened its doors in December 2013). "We're in love with food" and  "Food unites us all" are just two of the key philosophies of the Manifesto of the food emporium that combines multiple restaurant stations with a cafe and gourmet farmers’ market.

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